Friday, July 31, 2009

Awesome Birthday!

Another great, awesome birthday this year! Honestly, i am deeply touched by what you guys did on my birthday. Even though you guys were so tied up with classes and everything, y’all still managed to plan it well, not one but two birthday surprises!! ^_^

Not to forget, those who wished me on facebook and also via sms-es, thank you so much!! I really didn’t expect that especially from old buddies back in primary and high school. It was very flattering =D.

Once again,


IMG_6373 IMG_6376IMG_6374

The birthday cake at midnight of my birthday. Thanks to Uncle Beh :)


Well, the people involved are Joanna, Yasmin, Lynthia, Junmei, , Hanisah, Ziqah, Baydah, Pajen, Auw, Jixs and Nadia. Love you guys! (sorry cannot put so many pics since i didn’t wear tudung :s)


This one comes from the second birthday surprise where Jo, Yas, Junmei, Hanisah and Ziqah made a surprise appearance at Secret Recipe. And of course, Buu was in the plan too :).


Buu, Jo, Junmei, me and ZiqahIMG_6463

Yasmin and Hanisah were there too :))IMG_6454

The very happy me. Lol. My eyes are so sepet.IMG_6452

Buu was there too. ^_^


Thanks for all the presents! =D


Joanna named the bear as LB. Hehe.


IMG_6472  IMG_6424



I had sugar rush for two days in a row. This time around, my birthday celebrations involved a lot of cakes. Even though it’s fattening, it’s worth it :)). It shows how much you guys love me. Thanks :). I really enjoyed my birthday. Hehe.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

Yea, this sem, the final sem. It's the most crucial sem. No turning back. Next week IELTS exam (exam again?! c'mon!). Pray for me and wish me luck. huhu.

Nway, here are some recent photos of me and friends. We were quite stressed up weeks ago so Jixs came up with an idea of having a Gg day (Ggurlz day) in which we exchanged gifts to one another.

Well, some might think, what on earth? It's like the same thing as buying gifts for yourself. But here you must remember, it's not just about accepting, it's more like the thought of giving that matters. It makes people happy. At least, it makes me happy :)).

Monday, July 13, 2009


Exam mode (Again??)