Sunday, October 26, 2008


Scene : At home, eating KFC.

Me: Abah, why are you just eating the coleslow? Do you want chicken??

Abah: Hurm, never mind, I'll just stick to coleslow.

Mum: Lol, it's OK to eat chicken once in awhile.

Abah: Hurm.........*staring at my KFC chicken, drooling I think*

Me: Mum, what's wrong with Abah and chicken??

Mum: It's because of your chicken story larh!

Me: Huh? What story?? Ohhhhh......

Actually, it's not my story, it's my mum's chicken story. She went to the Halal Conference last year and there was a talk about chickens and manboobs.

It seems that if chickens are not slaughtered properly according to Islamic regulations, the blood will not drain out completely and as we all know, most chickens are injected with estrogen in order to get it fat and meaty. So, the estrogen will still remain inside the leftover blood in the slaughtered chickens.

Thus, when men eat it, if so happens that some of the blood is still in the chicken, means that men eat the estrogen too and that's why we see lately men walk around with boobs.

And this has caused my dad a major trauma with chickens. Pity my dad.

Anyway, on the bright side, women don't have to go under the knives anymore. Just eat lots of chickens, perhaps. Lol.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Scar

The Big, Fat Plaster. I look like a kid with CoolFever on.

The Harry Potter Scar, cool isn't it???!!!

* * *

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7 Facts Of Suraya Sajoli


I am way too honest which sometimes, people take it as sarcasm.

I am a wacko.

I am a clone of Harry Potter (female version, due to the scar but sadly, I don't have the magic wand to complete my HP look).

I am a trouble magnet.

I am a chronic shopaholic.

I like to say outloud of what I'm planning to do.

I find men with big nose attractive.
P.s. I have the feeling that I've done this tag before. Well, never mind....

Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Scar Doesn't Make You Ugly

The Blood From My Forehead


"Eh, what's up with that kid's forehead??"

"Fell off the bed probably..."
- Two security guards in Jaya Jusco

"OMG, what's happened to you??! Jatuh motor kah??"- PakCik Roti Canai

"GOODNESS!! What's with your forehead????"- MakCik PetrolStation

And the similar conversation goes on and on and not to mention, it comes along with strange, irritating, annoying stares as well.

Wherever I go, I'll be the centre of attraction in the crowd,

Wait, no,

my FOREHEAD will be the centre of attraction as a big, square, white plaster is nicely placed, stick to my forehead as though I had a car accident and went for a brain transplant.

People look and stare at me as though I don't have a nose or a pair of eyebrows and I'm growing tired of it!

It's even more tiring when I have to explain what is this big, square, white plaster doing on my bloody forehead!

And as Malaysia is famous for its people's great sense of curiosity, they would ask further, such as;

A) Whoa, because of netball?? How?!

B) OMGOODNESS, how can an earring cause such a thing?

C) From which angle, do you think, the earring slashed your forehead?

C) I still don't get it how an earring can be as dangerous as that, like howwww~

D) It's very illogical. Gosh, pity you, is it going to leave a mark? Ish ish sayangnye~

E) Oh, it can be gone?? Huihh...Thank Lord for that! How long is the wound?

F) Can I see it??

and the ultimate one is,

G) Whoa, you must be one agressive woman, aren't you~?


Actually, I don't really bloody mind about this wound, the scar or whatever it's going to be that to some people, it would indicate the end of their lives but the sight of people looking and staring at me in that strange way makes me feel, well, self-conscious? uncomfortable?? upset??? angry????

Ohhhhhhh, how am I supposed to face KTT tomorrow........ =.=

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Trouble Attraction

If Bella's body scent attracts Edward Cullen the Vampire, I strongly believe that mine attracts nothing but troubles and mishaps =.=

If previously my wallet was stolen and I broke a pipette, this week, somehow, somewhere, I ended up with 5 stitches on my forehead.

Yes, people, 5 BLOODY STITCHES! Right above my left eyebrow and this is just because of netball.

See, netball is never a sport for sissies. It's a bloody game and that would be the first and the last game for me. I should better just stick to jogging and brisk-walking. And for extra precaution, maybe I should start thinking of buying a helmet.

Anyway, I'm coming back to KTT this Sunday as I have to see the doctor this Saturday in order to take out the thread.

Till now, I haven't dared myself to look at the wound as the gory image of it scares me =.=

P.S. Thanks everyone for calling, texting and commenting (fs/ms) me as for being concerned about my health. May God Bless Y'all! :)

Friday, October 10, 2008

I Want This Book!

I really want it so bad...

but I have no idea when will I get to buy it..

and worse...

when will I have the time to read it!


A Good Deed

Now I know, beneath that spikey, durian-like hair and squeaky, robotic voice, lies a great amount of intolerable sarcasm in a person by the name of JOEL.

This is what happened to me few days ago....

Joel: Heyyy, Suraya!

Suraya: Yea?

Joel: I know why you wear tudung!

Suraya: WHY?

Joel: Because you're BALD!! hahahahahaha~~

That's Joel, as I see him behind my cornea, pupils and iris of my eyes.

Anyway, on the last Monday and Tuesday, me and 39 other students, including the MPP's joined The Sekolah Angkat Programme where we had to tutor PMR students in Maths and Science.

It was a great experience, though, I must say, teaching is not easy, especially when it comes to students who are academically weak.

It started at 9 a.m. and finished at 5 p.m. with only less than 3 hours of break. So, it's obvious that in the end of the day, we all looked haggard and liveless but well, happy??

With my students =D

P.S. I'll put more pictures later, k? :p

Friday, October 3, 2008

Gelagat Raya

Raya KAH??

FamilyRayaTraditionNo.1; Pegi Rumah Tepi Sawah!!

WHOA! what the fur??! haha!

A toilet in the middle of paddy field....

No wonder our rice is soooooo SUPERB!!!

FamilyRayaTraditionNo.2: Salam-Menyalam

Lining-up is a MUST!

FamilyRayaTradition no.3 : MakJahMustCry!

FamilyRayaTraditionNo.4 : Main Bunga Api!

Manusia Kah??

Mata Berapi! Again...manusia KAH??

FamilyRayaTraditionNo.5 : Nasi Lemak Along Ani!


FamilyRayaTraditionNo.6 : TakeRayaPics!

FamilyRayaTraditionNo.7: MakanBesar!

And the latest tradition in this year's raya......

FamilyRayaTraditionNo.8: CHECK BLOOD PRESSURE!!