Sunday, April 12, 2009

No Matter What It Is, The First Wife Is Always The Best

Pretty controversial, isn't it?

If only all the second wives came visited my blog today, they are so going to kill me for this statement.

However, this is only my personal opinion based on my own observation in our society.

I watched this one entertainment show yesterday. They interviewed this one artist who is currently very sick. He can hardly move, speak or do anything without anybody's help.

In general, he's like a baby now. He has to wear diapers to excrete, someone has to bathe him and he cannot feed himself anymore.

It is a sad thing to watch him in that condition because he was one an enthusiastic, talented artist who may be old on the outside but always young at heart.

Apparently, he has two wives.

However, now, when he's in his worst condition, only the first wife is taking care of him. The second wife has gone missing in action. The last time the second wife visited him was months ago.

Please correct me if I'm wrong, but during his healthy years, he stayed with the second wife. And now, how ironic, when he can't move, speak and excrete normally, he stays with the first wife. The first wife is the person who feeds him, helps him changing his diapers and the one who helps him to move around. Meanwhile the first wife's children are the one who give him shower.

Where is the second wife I wonder?

And in general, if we look closely, it is the first wife who does a lot of sacrifices for their husbands. They let their husbands get the second wives would be the first sacrifice. It is never easy for women to share their loved ones with others.

It's like guys with their super hot girlfriends. No matter where you go, your girlfriend is always the centre of attraction to all the men out there. You feel threatened and insecured. And that is when you would normally act like a lunatic and somehow like a dictator. Hehe.

Anyhow, first, you let your husband get married to another woman. Fine. But here comes the second one, the other wife. Do you think you can be good friends with her? Maybe, if you're lucky. If you're extra lucky, maybe you can bully her but if you're the unfortunate one, you'll be under her. That happens when your husband is always on her side and starts spending most nights with her. What happen to your love life? The spark has gone and it's like high school again, mean girls, Queen Bee, blablabla.

Third, kids. You have to give extra care to your kids since your kids might be emotionally hurt with your husband's act and of course, since your husband is less available to be there with you, watching them growing up. If you don't give what the kids need, they may end up becoming rebellious and probably they'll become anti-men?? And worse, if the second wife's kids and your kids are enemies.

Forth, when your husband is sick and he eventually realised that you're the one. It is nice that he finally sees you as the nobel one but only when he falls from the ladder?? That's not cool.

And of course, there's the fifth, sixth and the number goes on but what I'm saying is that, dear husbands out there, don't you ever neglect your first wife because they may be the one who is going through thick and thin with you.

They're the first you fell terribly in love with, the one who made you crazy, head over heels when you first saw her, the first whom you've vowed to be with for the rest of your life and the first who went through all the pain in delivering your offspring.

If you ever think of getting the second wife, I advise you to reminisce your early moments with your first wife, maybe the spark will return.

However, I'm not saying that the second wife is always bad. Sometimes, in the worst case scenario, it's the second wife who has to endure all the pain, somemore, with the first wife acting like Hitler.

Oh ya, one more thing. To all men out there, if your second lover is willing to leave her own husband for you, don't marry her. That's an early sign that leads to the unfortunate events in future.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

If Shopping Can Make Me Lose Weight, I'll Have The Body Of A Model By Now

I know that I'm not supposed to shop anymore.

I still have the bohemian skirt and rock&roll t-shirt which I purchased one week before the exam and still, I wore the t-shirt once and still haven't worn the skirt yet. =.=

Last week, me and my friends went to Bukit Bintang with one and only objective; To watch The Confession Of A Shopaholic (It was fantastic!!) and that was it. No shopping for me. NOT EVEN WINDOW SHOPPING.

I was proud of myself at first when I was at Pavillion. For the first time, I wasn't tempted at all to shop (I even bought only one J.CO doughnut, the durian flavour is nice).

But then, in the evening later, everything was ruined. I broke the vow.

Yeah, Jixs wanted to find a long cardigan at Sg.Wang, so we all went there.

However, the mission to find Jixs' long cardigan was a failure and instead, it was me and Auw who bought something. Jixs went home with empty hands on that day.

Me and Auw bought the same bohemian bags. It was only Rm25. What a bargain right?? Where else could I find this bag at this price?? So, without any second thought, I bought it =.=

Too bad I left the bag in the apartment, I don't have the pic.

So, after I bought that bag, I said to myself 'OK fine. Only this one.'

But then, haihh...I saw this one top. TRES VINTAGE, only for Rm22.90!!!

I couldn't help myself and Jixs said 'Buy it Suraya, just buy it!! It's utterly cheap!"

So, there I was....losing myself to shopping again=.=. Well, on the bright side, I spent less than Rm100 on that day :)

Nice right??? I know it's very revealing but then, if you know how to mix and match, it'll look decent. ONLY RM22.90!!!!

Anyway, on that particular day, it was quite happening over there. Apparently, there was a mini concert in front of Pavillion in conjunction with the GrandPrix Opening. They were having the rehearsal during the day and Estranged was there!!! I didn't see but my friends saw Andy Estranged and they said Andy was even more good-looking in person!

On that day too, there was a runway at the Pavillion main lobby. I doubt that those models were human beings. They were super skinny and tall!! I didn't see the difference between their arms and thighs. They looked exactly the same!No kidding!!

The GrandPrix Opening Mini Concert

Actually there's a model catwalking in that pic but since she is soooo thin, she can hardly be seen.

F1 car. Chun Soon will surely go crazy if he was there because there was a Ferrari car too. And when I said Ferrari, it was the real one. ;)

Me, Guitar and How I Met Your Mother series

My name-less guitar. (I don't really name my stuff)How I Met Your Mother season 1-4

This is how I survived in ktt during the intense exam week. By watching countless episodes of How I Met Your Mother and strumming the same ol same songs over and over and over and over and over again for everyday, everyhour and every few minutes before and after each exam paper.

These have kept me sober from losing my sanity.

Anyway, on a total unrelated topic, I did celebrate Earth Hour. Thank God my apartment didn't catch on fire because we lit up candles in the balcony.

And by the way, remember my resolution to become less evil for the exam week? Well, it didn't work out. Sure, I was less evil towards my housemates but then, what I did on that night;

1. Splashed a pail of water to Li Yan from the 3rd floor of my apartment because it was her birthday.

2. Splashed water to my neighbours who were my partners in crime in throwing water to Li Yan.


3. Instead of me, they thought it was Lynthia and Joanna who splashed water at them. So, it was Joanna and Lynthia they were hunting for to kenakan back.

4. Hey, that means I was even more evil to my housemates because the whole night they had to live in fear because the neighbours were asking and waiting for them to come out in order to get them back.

Me and my not-so-innocent-housemates.


Saturday, April 4, 2009

Oh My Oh My

Mama: Sue, do you know auntie N*?

Me: Nodded.

Mama: Her daughter, your age, has a boyfriend already.

Me: Oooo, I see.

Mama: Do you know that, there's an officer at my office, he's good-looking. Did I mention that he's the son of a judge? He lives in Melawati, he has his own semi-D house.

Me: Really?

Mama: Yea, yet he's still single.


Mama: And the funny story is, all of my friends asked me to pair you up with him. They think you guys look good together but then, I told them, your heart is as hard as a rock, difficult to smash it-

Me: Whoa whoa, just hold it there ma. What's up with this whole-matching-me-up-with-who thing? Omg, I can't believe you and your friends talked about me behind my back!

Mama: Well, not just that, they said you look very uptight and serious, and that's why, guys are scared of you.

Me: WHATDAHECK? and as for my defense, duhh, of course la I look serious in front of them, takkan they want me to joke around like I always do with my friends?!

Mama: Nway, this guy I'm talking about, he looks very young but he's 30 years old. Maybe when you're free you can drop by at my place to take a sneak peek-


Mama; But he doesn't look like 30. He looks young.

Me: Oh, ma, never mind. I have a lot of things going on right now. I don't want that to be on my worry list too and plus, I don't think now is the right time to have a bf. *alasan yang amat amat poyo*

That, is a conversation between a mum and her daughter.

And the daughter is only to become 19 years old..

And her mum thinks her daughter is heartless *sobs sobs*

P.S. Btw, this is completely unrelated but then, I just want to say that I hate it when I bump into a person that I know and that person knows me too, that person simply walk pass me, pretending that I'm an invisible creature. Huh.