Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New Style

People noticed that I always wear black tudung. No matter what style it is; shawl, bawal, syria, pashmina, etc. I would still wear it in black to the point of sick of wearing that color now.

It's not that I don't have any other colored tudungs, it just that I'm lazy to mix and match. Black suits everything. Right?

Though, somehow, I think, I need to add some colors in my life. I'm scared I'll be color-deprived and soon will lead to critical color depression.

And so, I bought some new tudungs online with all different colors except black!

And I'm very proud of myself for that.

I also bought this 1 shawl made of cotton, something like t-shirt kind of material.

I think my face looks super chubby in it.

Do I look normal to you?

I was wondering, where did it go wrong? It is the way I tie it? How come everyone else can pull it off and I can't?

Or is it because I'm lack of confidence on wearing something other than black tudung?


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I am currently into...

1. Maxi dresses

Frankly, I have 2 maxi dresses!

1 is a checkered pattern and another one is floral.

I like it because;

1. It's very stylish and comfortable at the same time.
2. Which means, it would be very great to put on when I feel fat! Haha.
3. Look more feminine but rugged at the same time :)
4. The look can go from bohemian to elegant. So, it's very practical. :)

But the thing is, I don't really have the confident to rock it! I wore it once and I felt overdressed :(.

But then, lately, I've seen quite a number of women out there are wearing it and some even wear it with a cardigan or a denim jacket which make it looks so fabulous!

After seeing all that, now, I'm beginning to have faith in carrying it and probably am going to rock it soon! :)

2. Skinny Jeans

Well, I used to mention it in my older post but what the heck! I still can't get over it!

Though I prefer slim fit rather than skinny because I look like sarung cempedak wearing skinny.

Basically slim fit cut is less skinny at the ankle end, so it's not that tight.

I'm still in love with it because;

1. I don't have to alter it since the ankle ends are small and so all the extra fabrics will accumulate at the ankle ends which look fabulous :).
2. I like to wear loose tops so skinny jeans make the whole look proper and balance and I don't look sloppy or just wake up from bed.
3. It looks great with any shoes, be it flipflops, flats, heels, boots, anything!
4. Anyone can wear it; skinny, not so skinny, curvaceous, etc. (But must find the right cutting)
5. I can run great miles in it.
6. Because I feel great wearing it. Lol.

3. Short dresses and pair it with leggings

Ahh, currently I am soooo into this style because it is very comfortable!

It's comfortable because;

1. Leggings are stretchable, thin and rubber waisted. It's tight so it can tuck in your tummy which makes your tummy looks flat (Even after you eat lots of ribs at Tony Roma's). Haha. So you look slim in anything! hehe.

2. Short dresses are very easy to find. And this whole style requires only a small budget. Leggings you can get as low as rm15 at sg.wang or times square, even at Cotton On it's rm59 for two pairs if I'm not mistaken and those dresses, it's up to you whether you want it expensive and branded or you can just blogshop or go to sg.wang/times square which have fabulous dresses at only rm25!

3. It's economical yet stylish at the same time :) 

4. For us muslims, we can pair it up with loose cardigans, wear inners or jackets as long as the dress is not too short (at least cover you knees).

4. Maxi skirts

Ok, the difference between maxi skirts and maxi dresses is that maxi skirts are only the bottom without the top. It's basically an A-cut long skirt.

It can be made out of chiffon, lycra, cotton and so on.

I like it to be worn with a fitted t-shirt top, tucked in and put a belt across it to enhance the whole look and of course, your body figure :).

This look can go casual or for any occasion, depending on the skirt material and the pattern :).

You can even wear it with a white shirt (tuck in) and put a nice belt across your upper waist. You will look very elegant. :)

Well, that's all so far. I have tonnes of other styles which I really like but I am quite lazy already to write it all out. Till then, toodles~ :)

You know, another dream of mine other than being a great dentist and having a cupcake shop, is to have my own boutique! Travelling around the world to find unique and nice stuff will be so fun!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Pesta Makan


Breakfast : Half roti canai and half nasi lemak

Lunch : Chinese chicken dry noodle

Teatime: Chocolate marble pancakes with bits and pieces from Ika's mac and cheese and roasted chicken!

Dinner: Roti canai with sardine


Breakfast: Maggi curry and a slice of cheese bread

Lunch: Spicy McChicken Deluxe


Oh God, please let my senses come back to me!!

Hence, have to jog 3 rounds in the neighborhood as a punishment tonight!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

1 Malaysia :D

And very happy with it :)

Went out with ex-housemates (excluding Lynthia because she's in Sarawak. Sorry leng lui..huhu) yesterday.

As usual, we did what we do best; SHOPPING. Hahahaha. Me and Yasmin bought flats at Cotton On and Jo bought a blouse from Forever 21.

Yasmin, trying out hats at Forever 21.

And Lynthia, don't you worry, your absence was truly felt by three of us :(. We even saved a seat for you at the Pancake International House;

See?? You were supposed to sit next to the Bollywood Queen if you were there yesterday!

We tried that restaurant for the first time yesterday. And phew, turns out, the food was great! 

I had those with mushroom soup, mini pancakes and Iced lemon tea for only rm17!!

Meanwhile my other two girl-friends had roasted chicken, taco, mac and cheese, mini pancakes and the same drink at the same price too!

3 mini pancakes for each of us! Yum!

Took some pics while waiting for food. 

I tried to hug Jo like how I hugged Yasmin but it seems like Jo is not that good at hugging and the picture didn't turn out quite right and so, not going to post it here. 

Apparently, few days ago, there was a balloon festival at Pavi and they still had some of the pieces there yesterday. It's so cool!

This is just okay, so-so...

But this one....

Oh yeah baby! Now we're talking! Broomm broomm!

On the way home, we stopped by at the KLCC and had some drink (ice-cream in my case)

They had root-beer floats.

Wild berry yogurt gelato~~ superb!

You see, the 1 Malaysia concept is not that hard to practice. Just be confident and don't be afraid :)

Credits to Joanna for her awesome pictures! :)


Had a very awesome vacation in Port Dickson. Who would ever thought that you can have so much fun in Port Dickson! The thing about having your siblings growing up  is that, you are not that restricted anymore to do anything you want!

I've been to PD like hundreds of times already but generally I didn't get to do any fun stuff i.e. banana boat ride because my siblings were still too young  for it (Remember big age gap between me and siblings). But this time around, me and family really had fun in PD! LOL.

No point of writing anymore, let the pictures do the talking!

This is the hotel we stayed for 3 days; Legend Water Chalets. The scenery from the balcony was spectacular!

Right??? :)


I'd give this hotel two thumbs up for its exquisite taste in decorating the place. The bathroom is so spacious and luxurious! The bathtub is classy and the shower is the open-roof top kind where you can shower under the moonlight~ chewaahhh :P

With family :)

Cycling around the hotel compound with sis, Ika :)

My chubby brother! :)

At the beach. Had a very awesome ride on banana boat!

Lepak-ing at the beach!

Dan, aba and ika :)

At the Eagle Ranch. It's like a resort with wild wild west ambiance. It's nice but very hot!

With mama and aba :D

Played go-kart!

Now I realized that my sister is very bad at driving. She got herself into an accident while driving a go-kart! A go-kart for God's sake! Lol. And upon arriving the finish line, she hit all the other go-karts because instead of pressing the brake pedal, she pressed the accelerator =.=".

Anyhow, I had a very great vacation with my family :). I really enjoyed it! 
Even though my skin is darker now :(.

1 happy small family :D.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Quick Updates

- Finished and done with KI and anything to do KTT 2 weeks ago.

- There was a complex blend of emotion about leaving KTT.

- I AM happy to finally be able to leave that place but sad at the same time too because it means that I have to be separated with my friends especially my housemates considering, all of us are going to different universities.

- In fact, I'm going to miss all the people in KTT; the lecturers, the mamak-s, etc. Because I know that I'll never be able to find the same kind of people in India. huhu..

- Anyway, life must go on. Hopefully in future, I'll get to know more people :).

- When I realised that only 15 of KTT-ians were going to Klang, I was quite sad.

- But then, who knows, I went there and met new wonderful friends :).

- It was OK la, not that bad but felt a little bit lost and lonely sometimes because there were only 15 of us including 2 guys who hardly utter a word.

- And that was when pre-fly syndrome hit me, if with 15 people in a strange place is enough to make me feel lonely and lost, what about later in India, only 5 of us???? Lol

- But doesn't matter, somehow we all will adapt, right? :P


My  awesome group members; Kumpulan 10 :)

- Most of the time, I just spend my time at home, doing nothing much.

- Shop a little bit for my departure to India. Have to buy a lot of practical stuff.

- 10th June is a significant date for me and Syazwan :). How I wish he would be here on that day...

- Basically now I just laze around and enjoy this ample time that I have because later in India, I know, I'm going to miss this greatly (6 days of classes from 8am-5pm, only Sunday off =.=").

-"Later/ Future" as in what's going to happen till the day I fly I guess.

- On 6th July I'll have my pre-departure with JPA officers. I'll get my blazer suit and money. The date in which I'll fly to India will also be informed on that day.

- I heard this year, most of us are going to fly in July. If it's true, then I don't get to see Syazwan for the last time before I fly because he's only coming back on 29th July. So close, yet so far...(And it also means, I'll have my 20th birthday in India)

- So in order not to feel sad about that, I have to keep assuring myself that it's OK if I don't get to see him, because fate has put it that way. Maybe I'll meet him in some other time in a better way perhaps. Lol.

I miss your happy face when you get to eat desert. Hahahahahhaha. 
I know that I'll miss you more than now :).

- End of July or early August will be a point in which I'll be in a new stage of life and this time around, I have to leave my family, friends and beloved country behind. *Sobsob*

I hope I'm ready by then. I better be. Lol.