Monday, September 29, 2008

Sweet Valley Fetish ~

Now Syazana has certainly instilled the love of old, nostalgic, musky book stores in me ;)

I went out with her to Ampang Point today and look at what I found!

An old bookstore!

It's called Reader's Paradise and it's located on the second floor in Ampang Point (near the Taiwaneise House).

I have to say, at the first sight of it, I was skeptical.

But then, once I stepped into that place, I was indeed, in book heaven.

You don't buy books there, you rent it instead.

For example, you want to borrow a Cecilia Ahern ; Thanks For The Memories, you have to pay deposit of Rm38 and if you manage to return the book in the given time, the store will pay back Rm33 to you. Efficient, isn't it?

They have all kinds of books there, from the latest books such as the Twilight saga, Cecilia Ahern's, Jill Mansel's, Marian Key's, Dan Brown's till the old school ones such as The Sweet Valley series!!

All these stacks of books are Sweet Valley series, people!

I used to like reading this when I was young. ;)

I love this Sweet Valley Elizabeth series so much! Till now, I haven't completed the series as they are no longer in the market.

That's Syazana, in amazement at those loads of Sweet Valley books ;p

P.s. Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri! Maaf Zahir & Batin! Don't eat too much ya!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

My Guy

Once upon a time,

Joanna : Suraya, if you were given two choices, which one would you pick; to get married with a)A mechanic, poor but with a great personality or b) A rich man but wit a slightly poor personality?

Suraya : I would go for the one who is more good- looking.

Joanna : What if, both are good-looking?

Suraya : Then, I would go for the rich one.

Joanna : What if, you have more attraction towards the mechanic guy?

Suraya : Well, I would take the mechanic guy then...

Joanna : But that mechanic guy is poor, how are you supposed to survive?

Suraya : Well, I'll work hard to be rich and be with the mechanic guy.

Joanna : But what if, you'll never be rich?

Suraya : Then, I'll go with the rich guy...

Joanna : Even if you don't like him?

Suraya : I'll try to like him...

Joanna : But what if you can't like him and the chemistry between you and the mechanic guy is 10 out of 10?

Suraya : Do you know that, a lot of people divorce because of poor financial planning?

Joanna : But a lot of people divorce because of lack of love too...

Suraya : Ok, now you tell me, which one do you want me to choose and STOP MESSING WITH MY MIND!

Joanna : Hikhikhik...

* * *

Well, the truth is, it doesn't take much to fit my criteria for a guy.

All I need is someone with a big nose (for maximum air ventilation), a big voice and a big sense of humour. And of course, height is important too as my mum always tell me,

"Please stop the curse of short people in our keturunan!".

Wealth, I take it as a bonus point. ;)

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Time: 5.20 p.m.
Scene: At pizza hut, Bandar Baru Nilai.

PizzaHut supervisor (PHs) : Ok, so altogether, 14 pizza, 9 spaghetti and 1 rice set?

Suraya : Yep.

PHs: Ok, kejapnye saye kire.

Suraya: Jixs, budget kite brape nye?

Jixs: Rm12 darab 21 orang yang pergi...ermmm...Rm 252.

PHs: Ok, saya dah kire, semuanye Rm 228.

Suraya: E eh, macam mane bole murah pulak??

Nadia : Yelah, 1 set kan Rm9.15 tp kite kire rm10 seorang...jom la order lagi!

Jixs and Nadia: Kite amik garlic bread eh?

Suraya : Nak brape pinggan?

Nadia : Jap....1 pinggan Rm3.....kite semua 21 orang tambah 2 lecturers....baki...brape eh?

Suraya : (Pressing the calculator in the phone) Rm252.....tolak Rm228.....Rm24....bahagi Rm3.00.....8....

Suraya: 8 pinggan lah...

Jixs: Kalau camtu.....23 orang.....seorang 2 ketul garlic bread la kan??

Nadia: Ah, camne?? Tp tax government 10% camne?

Suraya: Eh, setiap pinggan kene tax ke ape?? Kalau camtu overbudget glerrrr!

Jixs: Ah? ape korang citer ni?

Nadia: Bole! Sebab budak yang tak gi bayar Rm2 untuk food lecturers...

Suraya: Ha ah..betul2.

Jixs: ........

After adding 8 plates of garlic bread,

PHs: Ok, total Rm247.

Suraya, Jixs and Nadia: E eh, macam mane bole under budget lagi nih!!

Nadia: Jom order lagi!

Suraya dan Jixs: Tak payah ar, pening otak aku mengira bende2 nih...=.=

Joey: :D

Dear Readers, this is what happen when you don't take maths.....

Anyway, me and classmates, including Miss Sya and Miss Izzati had a lot of fun on last Wednesday night, having dinner at PizzaHut Bandar Baru Nilai.

We went there after break-fasting so there's no need to rush....and as usual, here are the pictures of us!

With Miss Izzati *white tudung*.
With Miss Sya *centre*.
That's the bill, my friend.

Well, not to forget, to camwhore a bit after eating.... ;)

Ok, ok....I know, it's not a bit....but a lot.... =.=

For Nad, to her sis ;p

Nad, I hope your sis likes it :)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Jalan Tar and the birthday girl

First of all,


May you be blessed with all the wonderful things in the world! :)

* * *

I went to Jalan Tar yesterday to buy tudung with friends from KTT.

A lot of weird things happened yesterday, including, the sudden appearance of a strange guy, offering himself to snap our picture while we were camwhoring in vain. =.=

I'm quite lazy to type words here so let's just see pictures!!

Jixs, Me, the bday girl ;p and her CIMB guy.

Baydah, Aww, Jixs, me and Nad.

The sweet couple; San and Baydah :) (Sorry San, I know you don't look like that..hahahaha)

Terawihnye hanya 8 rakaat but it looks like we did 20 rakaat instead. haha.

The next Yusof Taiyub's models. Heheh.

Camwhoring again....while in line waiting for the free Briyani.

FIN ;)

Saturday, September 6, 2008


We were unable to sign you in to Windows Live Messenger, possibly because of a problem with the service or with your Internet Connection. Please make sure you are connected to the internet.

To let us try and troubleshoot the problem, please click the Troubleshoot button.
Error code : 81000306

That is the reason why I'm not online on msn.
I clicked the Troubleshoot button for so many times yet the same message appeared over and over again.
A computer whizz in shining armour is all I need now. Where art thou?

Friday, September 5, 2008


Scene: In the car to Giant to celebrate Lynthia's birthday.

Suraya: Haha, Eric said here not fair that we're having a movie night tonight.

Lynthia: Really? *smilling*

Suraya: Yea, but then I replied, who asked him not to become a female. Then, for sure he can join us! (Btw, we had our movie night in our dorm, meaning men are not allowed.)

Lynthia: Haha, hey, Suraya, can I see the sms-es he sent to you?

Suraya: Sure.

Lynthia: "Oh, so you guys are planning to surprise Lynthia the present tonight la at the waterfront? Why so late, at 12 summore." Eh?

Suraya: SHIT.

See, I'm the worst person to give surprises....=.=

Nway, Happy Birthday Lynthia!!! Hope you'll find your knight in shining armour :)