Saturday, March 13, 2010

For You :)


We were 18 when we first met.

It was such a wonderful journey in those 1.5 years to know you :)

How much we've changed throughout that journey :P

From one transition to another ;D

Now, you've become much more MATURED and WISER 

You've guided me a lot in those 1.5 years until now :)

Always there for me, whenever I need you :D

Never get tired of me :)






Charming :)

You are indeed, a man of great heart and soul :)

And how lucky I am for that :D

Happy 20th Birthday Syazwan!!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


3 months seems like a long way to go.

Especially when you have 6 hours of language classes of 3 languages, namely, Kannada, Hindi and Tamil everyday. 2 hours for each language a day is totally unbearable especially when you're in a class where talking is a total non-stop policy.

And today, I had 3 hours 45 minutes straight of language classes, 2 hours of Hindi and Tamil for the remaining hours.

We learned vowels and consonants in Hindi class which I had A VERY DIFFICULT time rolling and folding my tongue in order to get the pronunciation correct and spent half and hour learning the India Constitution and after that, without a break, had a Tamil lesson in which I had to lend my ears for a total exact of 1 hour 45 minutes without even a missing second. No kidding.

By the time I reached my apartment, I immediately dozed off, so tired, and woke up in the next 1 hour 20 minutes to the sound of my phone beeping. Thanks honey for waking me up!!! *happy* :) (even though I actually purposely did not set the alarm so that I could miss my Kannada class but plan x menjadi. Gahaha.). So I went to my Kannada class with a groggy face. And that was the time Mr.Shyamu wanted to ask us all those Kannada alphabets and pronunciations. Great. Just great.

Huhu. Hari yg sgt memenatkan. Lagi penat daripada A-level. I even ate twice for dinner!

*Will post photos soon

Monday, March 1, 2010

Enakku Pasikkitu ("I'm Hungry" in Tamil)

First day of  2 hours of Tamil class

Had a big headache and growling tummy.