Tuesday, April 20, 2010

AB SHETTY here i come!

So it's official that I'm going to A.B. Shetty Memorial Of Dental Science in Deralakatte, Mangalore!

For so many reasons, I am very grateful that I got there.

First, is because it's in Mangalore which is the city of Karnataka state. My university is like 16 minutes away from the central Mangalore.

And the senior told me that the net connection is fast too and the hostel is nice, well-equipped with AC, shower and attached bathroom. So i think i will live quite comfortably there.

It just that the lecture hall looks quite old school with wooden tables and chairs and they still use chalk. Lol. But that is the least of my concern because as long as the education system is excellent, it's great enough!

And then, the hospital is just right next to my university. So no problem in terms of transportation. Even my hostel is somewhere close to my uni too.

In conclusion, I think it's good enough for me! :)

Alhamdulillah :D


Friday, April 16, 2010


Long time, no blogging!

Well, here I am, back to blogging!

Firstly, yes, I am fine. Am doing good with my life. Though sometimes I think my life during A-Level was much more interesting.

But I love what I'm doing right now in my current life too. Like today, I, for the first time since ages ago....
DANCED again! And it's Kannada dancing!!

I joined Kannada dance for this coming Kannada Night since I wanted to try something new other than singing which was what I had been doing since KTT orientation, 2 years ago?

So, I felt like I needed something new and refreshing in order to make my life more interesting and that's why I joined dancing and I kinda like it :)

Like this morning, we had our first practice with Mr. Shekar. And it was seriously funny and fun!! And I sweat a lot!

The song picked by Mr.Shekar is very fast, catchy n very bollywood-ish. So just now, my body had a little bit of shock since the last time I danced was when I was 6 years old in a kindergarden concert!
I realised that my muscles were all too stiff to do any kind of groovy moves. It took me awhile to loosen up my muscles and gain control over my body. But it was a hell lot of fun!! I felt great that time!

And the way Mr.Shekar danced, was very, entertaining! Hahahaha.

I realised another thing though today, how I miss trying and exploring something new. In fact, I didn't even remember the last time I did that.

So from now on, I'll add it to my mind-list;

Don't stop being adventurous.

Actually, I am waiting for Syazwan to online right now but I guess he must be sleeping. He had a hectic day today. I hope he'll get a goodnight sleep tonight :)

Anyway, I saw the notice at the office yesterday that JPA is coming this Tuesday!! I really hope whichever university I'll get, it will be the best for me..Amin.... :D