Tuesday, August 24, 2010

After 3 Weeks In India

Of course it is such a lie if I said my journey in this exotic land went out smoothly and well.

There were times I felt horrible, terrible, depressed, homesick as I continued facing my daily life here. But there were sweet moments as well :).

Parts in India in which I find it depressing would be;

1) The environment.

It’s dusty, dirty, red soil everywhere and if it’s hot, I tell you, it’s really really hot here. Once you’re out under the sun without umbrella, you can definitely feel your skin burning in a fraction of a second. And when it’s about to rain, there are no signs whatsoever to indicate rain is coming, it will just pour down on you suddenly. So, a good Indian umbrella is like a gun here. You carry it everywhere, anywhere you go.

However, as old, dirty, nasty the buildings may look from the outside here, actually, you’ll be amazed on what you’ll see on the inside. It’s pretty and posh actually. Though, there are old, dirty, nasty buildings that memang look like that either on the outside or inside =.=”.

2) Transportation

Here, there’s no such thing like Proton Saga taxi or Waja taxi and no need to mention Perdana taxi la. Here the taxi is called Auto. Auto is actually a motorcycle, modified into a small tiny carriage with a seat at the back that can fit 3 people maximum. No doors, only a hood to cover the passengers and the driver from the hot sun, rain and dust.

So just imagine if I take an Auto from my place to city which is around half an hour journey. The road is badly broken, cracked and unstable. Traffic is a mess. Busses and lorries speeding up and cutting  lines as though they are small cars like Kancil or Kelisa. And it is dusty, smelly and you’re scared shitless because you’re in between two busses in one lane.

My first auto ride was a nightmare. Serious. No kidding. Though, each time I think about it again it  makes me laugh. Lol.

Bus here is another thing as well. When I’m in a bus, I feel like in a butcher house where all the meats being hanging next to one another. Yes, it is true. It’s very crowded in the bus. Their principle is, as long people can fit into the bus then voila! Those who are unable to sit, have to stand up and must have a great hand grip and body balance because the drivers here drive like mad people. If they can’t overtake cars on the road, they will go to such extend, drive out of the lane, on the red soil, in order to cut the line. Amazing!

Warning: Never take buses when it’s raining. The aroma inside the bus will make you want to puke. Serious, no kidding.


In the auto

3) Class Management

So crazy! from 8 a.m. till 1 p.m. with an hour break until 2 p.m. and continue to 4 p.m.!! waahhh!!

if those classes are within one building is ok but here at my place, the practical classes are so far!!! and it’s a hilly area some more  and during break time I have to rush to my hostel (which is quite far also) in order to get my Zuhur prayer done. Crazy.

If you come here, you will never have the problem of gaining weight. You will always do cardiovascular training here. Hahahaha.

Though, I’m really thankful that at least on Saturday my class is only until 10.30 am :D.

Parts in India in which I find it heaven;

1) Shopping!!!

Yes! Shopping here is awesome. Things are cheap here. Even though no Forever 21, topshop, MNG or Zara, but I tell you, you can get the same stuff and quality for the price of a pea here in India!!

Mangalore is developing very fast. Now there is City Centre, 7 floors shopping mall which is very awesome. I like to shop at Lifestyle as the clothes there are nice and boho chic :).




These two kurthis only cost around rm20-23 :). And I like the leggings here. They come in all sorts of colours to match with kurthis.


This boho top cost around rm30 plus. It’s of a great cotton quality and neat sewing work. Not like those you buy at Sg.Wang for rm25 each.

Even here they sell maxi skirts of many varieties and colours and patterns which I find it very awesome! Levi’s jeans are cheap here. If sale, you buy one, free one :D. Even if it’s not sale, it’s roughly around rm93 only :).

2) Food

Food here is marvellous!! Once you eat the authentic Indian food here, you will never want to go to Mamak again, except maybe, for teh tarik because here don’t have teh tarik. Huhu.

Moreover, food here is cheap! Even when you eat at the hotel, the total cost for everything from drink, main course to dessert, it is roughly just going to be cheapest rm20 and hardly will go more than rm30! Plus, the portion is very big!


Blueberry cheesecake only for 50rps or rm3.70!


Awesome chicken shavarma only for 30rps! that’s like rm2 something.


Lamb chili burger


Shirley temple! :)



At Aroma Restaurant, Deepa Hotel



Lays potato chips for rs20! (rm1.50)


A very tasty milk, rs14!!



Omelette yang sangat sedap.

To be continued…

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Dengan rasmi, puasa di India bermula pada hari Khamis, bukan Rabu ye.

Maka, dengan ini,



Monday, August 9, 2010

India~~ Oh Lala~~

It's been a week already I'm in India.

And my opinion on India would be....

Interesting! and trust me, India has a lot of things to offer, provided that you're an adventurous person and up to any challenges because living in India will definitely give you a whole new different experience which I find it a very good life lesson.

When I reached this place, Deralakatte, Mangalore, I took a public bus to a village of I-Don't-Know-What's-The-Name and it's very rural, remote, hot, dusty, undeveloped and red soil everywhere with goats, cows and dogs.

Trust me, I had a great culture shock. Once I reached back to my hostel, I was crying while cleaning and unpacking. Haha!

The village was one thing, the bus trip was a hell as well. It's not like Rapid KL or Intrakota (last time) where there are air-conds and the seats are comfortable. NO. The buses here are very old, rusty, crowded with people and you need a good hand-grip and body balance so you won't fall or trip due to a very fast driving on a serious, bumpy, cracked road.

But soon, I realised that my university is actually located in the middle. If I turn right, then, my destination would be that village which resembles almost like Africa or Ethiopia but, if I turn left, I would be heading to the big city of Mangalore where there are 3 big malls and one of them, called City Centre which has 7 floors. However, still can't beat Pavillion in KL. Though, it is sufficient enough for me to recover from my culture shock from that village trip. HAHA.


Food is great here. For me, who always eat tapau food and seldom eat homemade food, I adapted myself quite well with the food here. Alhamdulillah, so far, no experience of diarrhea yet even though I have already eaten Shavarma (a really tasty kebab) at a very old, not really clean stall, in front of my univ.

Everything is different here. From food, lifestyle, culture, clothing and etc. Of course this is not UK or Europe  where everything is beautiful, picturesque and civilised. This is India, the land of spices and exotic cultures :). Be optimistic and view it from a different perspective, I'm sure it will be an increadible journey ahead of you :D.

Don't worry, I'll write from time to time about my soon-to-be-awesome journey here. About the food, cultures, trends and lots more. :)

P.S. I really do feel like Ian Wright or Anthony Bourdain (from Globe Trekker and Cook's Tour repectively) in here. And so far, I like it! :)

My University, the inside looks exactly like a hospital. Each floor, 1 dental department

Me, in a shock state while on the way back to hostel from that village.

Had A great chicken shavarma at the stall. This stall is really not for those who are neat freaks.