Saturday, July 19, 2008

Salam Rantau dari KTT

I'm still alive, well and fine there.

So far, no fire breakouts, no short circuits or explosions at KTT like I expected.

The only harm the place can bring are dust particles, foodsick and extreme boredom in the weekend. Therefore, due to high demands from KTT-ians, KTT has ventured into another field besides education, that is transportation.

KTT, unofficially, has added a new line of public transport in Malaysia, specifically in Bandar Salak Tinggi, that is RapidKTT in which vans and a bus are used to transport students to KTM, Pasar Malam and Giant with a minimum charge of Rm0.50.

The learning ideology that we practice here is Kiasuism;

Kiasuism can be defined as an act of being inferior towards others that leads a person to work/study harder in order to be at the same level of achievement or more than others.

Certainly, this ideology has made the Library full with students 24/7 and of course, has made Uncle Beh and UncleBeh Corporation richer than ever. It's a no surprise if he came to KTT next year driving a Porsche, though with an extended trunk to fill more photocopy books.

During the peak of boredom,

Students prefer to jog/walk/crawl up the hill and watch the sunset/airplanes/cars/KLIA tower/bush. Some even prefer to throw stones as far as they could as an act of escapism/emotional therapy or sit at one particular big stone overlooking the sunset and let the jiwang feeling sinks in.

However some, prefer to camwhore;

The Camwhorers

The Queen Of Extreme Pose

The Girl who likes Hawaiian shorts


The Consequence Of Unable To Express Jiwangism

Trying hard to look Jiwang but to no avail....=.=


Searching for the lost soul

Searching for satisfaction


P.S. I've edited this post since Joanna couldn't stand those unforgivable spelling errors. Right, Jojo? ;p

Saturday, July 12, 2008

KTT In Weekends

So, here I am, 1 o'clock in the morning, in my room at KTT, feeling a little bit homesick.

I didn't go home this weekend because I had replacement class yesterday from morning till evening. Lucky for Lynthia and Yasmin, they finished at 12 p.m.!! So Yasmin went home, leaving me alone, roommate-less (But I still have two other housemates ya! So,basically I'm not in the Catlady phase).

Even for tomorrow, it is not surprising if I'm alone because Joanna and Lynthia have their religious ritual ceremony to attend. However, I should take this as an advantage to cry without actually being laughed at because I really can't hold back my tears whenever I watch the heart-touching Japanese drama, 1 Litre Of Tears.

KTT so far is OK. It's undeniable today I felt a little bit emo but I think I wasn't the only one since I caught someone sobbing too because of that Japanese drama. I wonder who is that? hehe.

Actually, I wanted to put more pictures but my brother, as usual, always forgets stuff and of all things, yesterday, he forgot to bring the bluetooth USB. So, I can't transfer pictures to my laptop. Though,I'll find another way to transfer it tomorrow.

P.S. I know my post is a bit dry. Maybe it will be more entertaining when I put photos later. Till then, goodnight!

Saturday, July 5, 2008


I'm too tired to write anything so let's just see photos. One thing for sure, Ktt is not as bad as I expected. It's ok actually. Hehe.

<---Ktt at night. The Ramlee Special Burger is very delicious. Even the food is actually edible, doesn't poison you and for sure, doesn't kill you. And the food is actually quite cheap.

<-------Our apartmen. It's on the third floor, tangga 2. So tired wey to climb those stairs but we're lucky because the apartmen is still in a good condition.

<-----The living room.

<---- Lynthia and Yasmin. My housemates. One likes to pheewit at strangers regardless of what gender from the balcony and the other one is a big fan of Nutella.

<----Me, who likes money and Jo who likes...iron? (Iron is her best friend since she irons things every night). After 5 days being her housemate, now I know Jo doesnt like anything wet or she will iron it, including money.

<---- The People Of Begedil.

That's all so far. Got loads more pics but too lazy to load. Till then, Ciao!

P.S. Fateha, my college is called Kolej Teknoloji Timur, am doing a-level there for Dentistry in India.. hehe. What about you? which college you going?

P.S.S. Here's the picture of my room.

<----Really need bedside table.