Saturday, January 30, 2010

Archie :)

Went to Great Eastern in the evening. Found something fantastic!

Archie comics, holiday package 2 only for Rm9.90!!


When I was young, I really liked reading Archie and Doraemon. I used to have a vast collection of those but somehow, since last time my family was some kind of nomad people, we were always shifting from one place to another, all the comics were lost somewhere in the process. Haaihhh...

Last time Archie comics used to be cheap like Rm5 something I think but nowadays, phewwww, one costs around Rm12!!! Same as Doraemon but only increased by Rm1.90 but I don't like the new version. I prefer the old ones :).

Anyhow, I consider myself  lucky today, 2 Archies for only Rm9.90. Hoho. And mum was being generous suddenly, she belanja-ed me with those comics and a Sophie Kinsella latest book!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

I wanna watch this movie..pls pls pls :)

Not because of Taylor Lautner *ohh..please~~*

Not because of Bradley Cooper...

But because of  McDreamy!!! ^_^

Plus, it looks kind of cool with lots of famous actors and actresses in it!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I'm grateful because....

1) Things did turn out well :)

2) Things did turn out well as well for my beloved friends *you know who you are* :)

3) He's coming home!! :))

Cormamin lindua ele lle  =D, amin mela lle...

Praise to Allah

Alhamdulillah, I've made it through!! :)

Not a perfect score though but somehow I'm totally grateful with what have been given to me.

At least I can still make my parents happy and still can carry on their hopes and dreams.

It has always been about them all this while. I really just can't help myself to see my parents sad or disappointed.

Hence, study harder in India and become a great dentist! :)

India, I'm coming~ =)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

A's to C's to DDD's

Saw news on E! that Heidi Montag had 10 surgical procedures all in one day!!

And that includes breast augmentation up to size triple D's!!


I don't really understand the need to do that. Having realllllyyyyyyyyyyy big bosoms are not cool at all. It can be very distracting as people just can't seem to focus on what you have to say and instead their eyes will keep staring at your fake boobs. Plus, it's not good for health at all as it can lead to back pain since the proportion is not in balance to your weight.

Well, in her case, she stated that she wanted to be 'perfect' but who are we to set the standard of being perfect? Perfect is a very subjective word. Each individual has a different definition of the word 'perfect'. Of course 'Perfect' means flawless, absolutely right, all in correct places but the word 'Perfect' in terms of describing human beauty, it's just something that cannot be specifically defined because each of us is unique, beautiful and perfect in our own way :)

After listening to this news, it has finally struck upon me that by the end of the day, the main thing here is not about what we are but instead, it's who we are. It's about right up there in your brain and right down there in your heart. If you're good at heart, of course somehow you'll shine through it even though it takes a while for people to notice it :P.

But put it this way, I don't know whether y'all have ever felt this before but there are times, in fact a lot of times where I find girls or guys who were pretty, handsome or attractive at first, but then later, after awhile, I just think that they were just OK, not as what I had in mind before but for people whom I thought just normal or just OK, average, not attractive at first, soon or later, I tend to see them in the opposite way. Slowly, they have become more powerful, charismatic, attractive and superior even though physically they still remain the same. Weird eh? Or is it just me? HAHA.

Well, I think God is being fair ;) *Joanna, I know you must have missed me saying this!! Haha*

Anyhow, that's the topic of the day. Heidi Montag, thank you for giving me something to think and blog about. Haha. Without your hot new controversial life, this blog may still remain not updated. :P

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Rah-rah-ah-ah, Roma, roma-ma, Gaga, Ohh la la~~

Kadang2 bile sudah terlalu lame holiday, tibe2 kita mula rase diri semakin kurang pandai.

Somehow I miss college life..

Now I know that my life is about 90% studying. Look at how free I am now without studying. Haaaiihhh..

P.S. This Lady Gaga's new hit sucks. She's getting weirder and weirder.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Today In My-story :)


I was in my happiest state, when it was in the morning . Had a morning Skype with Momiji :pp

Then at 2 something pm, I went out with Sarah and Azri.

Just randomly wandering around at Wangsa Walk and had lunch at Popeye's, which, in my opinion, tasted just like KFC but slightly more expensive!! Haha, sorry you guys :p I think McD has the best spicy chicken compared to the rest!!

Then, we walked around. One of us had a shopping spree. On therapeutic stuff. Lol. I heard lavender is good to make you feel relax and stress-free. Maybe I should get that for someone who is struggling his butt off on memorizing all the different kinds of arteries lately :P

Anyway, thanks Sarah and Azri for bringing me out today!! Had so much fun talking about the past with you guys. Lol.

Later that night..GYM SESSION.

I was excited to work my sweat off and get myself toned up in the body combat class but apparently tonight was something like a consultation from a trainer, so throughout the whole time, my brain was like somewhere else in a fantasy land *where I imagined myself in a hot, toned up body...huehehehe* while he kept on talking about carbs...proteins...fats...900 calories burned in 1 hour!! *tibe2 focus blk bile dgr part ni*...blablabla~~

Anyhow, my gym session starts tomorrow!! I am so excited! Tomorrow in the evening around 6 pm like that for 1 hour cardio, then on Sat at 9 am, with the trainer and on Sun too. They have belly dance class too which I am so interested to join!! Can't wait! :)

Well, that's all for today's update!!! Suddenly feel like keeping a diary. Hehe.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Men and Women

Just now, I've found an article on Yahoo titled "11 Things Women Don't Know About Men".

Quite interesting, non?

So I gave it a shot, to see myself, whether was I really clueless about these 11 things and apparently, after reading the whole article, all I can say is, well, those 11 things, are not things women don't really know such as the fact that you guys can't really read our minds and don't have any sense of detection on how we feel even though verbally we say it that way but actually we mean it the other way?

You know what I mean? Like, when we say OK, sometimes we don't really mean it. We're NOT OK. For example, you were supposed to have a date with your guy tonight and suddenly on a very last minute, he had to cancel it due to work. So he called you to say how sorry he was and you said, "Oh, it's OK hunny, just go get your work done! hihi". Then he said how relief he was and grateful to have such an understanding girlfriend. But you still can't help it, even though it's not your guy's fault, you feel disappointed.

And the other situation when we say OK but actually we don't mean it when you're late!

"Hunny, I'm sorry, I still have something going on, will be there in 10 minutes!"
"Oh, it's OK, take your time!" (When we say take your time, we mean, you better hurry up!"
10 mins after that..

"Darling, it's 10 minutes already, I still can't see you~~ Lol" (When we say/write something like that and plus with the Lol, we're trying to be casual and cool but actually we're like half-gone crazy already)

"Give me 5 mins hunny!"
Another 10 mins after

"Hunny, I'll be there in another 5 minutes more OK? I love you!" (This is another thing with guys, when they  feel guilty or feel bad or want to get rid of you from nagging or talking too much, the only thing they think can cover everything is by saying I love you, it's like as though it can bring peace to the world)

"Owh OK" (When women who usually write you long messages and suddenly reply you with something like that or just with any short messages, it means you're in trouble. Hahaha. You better have a flashback on what you've done like in this case, even though she said OK but actually a)she wasn't in the mood already and b) she's planning a revenge on you)

And soon, from 5 minutes, to another 5 minutes and another 5 minutes, piling up to a total of 1 whole hour!

That's why, after you've picked her up, you find her very irritating, annoying and trying all of her best ways to hurt your feelings.

Am I right?

Well, after reading the whole article and writing myself everything above, I think we, women, are very complicated and somehow, can be very weird!

It's like, as though, already programmed in our mindsets to expect guys to be able to read our minds and emotions even though verbally we say it differently.

No human being can do that. You know, read minds.

But somehow, we, women, are actually thinking that way without realizing it. Including me, myself.

But on my defense (Yeah, we, women, believe that every flaw that we have, guys have it too), guys can be very blur too. They just analyse what you say, verbally. They don't go deeper than that.

If you say you're OK, they translate that as "Normal, alright, good".

So if you don't really feel OK, you should say it precisely with clear definition on how you feel, verbally. Because men, they just take whatever coming out from your voice box, they don't analyse your body language except your body shape. Hahahaha.

But I know, it's hard to do that. It's our nature to create riddles or puzzles for men to figure out themselves on how we really feel. Well, nasib ko lah lelaki, we ARE complicated! Good luck with that! Lol (SEE, another Lol here, trying to be casual but actually mean it seriously, haha! (again!))

P.S Of course, sometimes when we say OK, we actually mean it you know. As I said before, we're complicated!! Women are just plain hard to be read!

Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 = Big 20

We, the Sajoli's Family, celebrated new year by terbaring terbongkang in front of the TV, watching new year concert on tv 3. How sad...

Even worse, mum, abah and Dan were already asleep even before the clock struck 12!!

Well, that's our tradition. It's the same old same every year. By the end of the night, it has always been just me and Ika watched the fireworks on TV. Lol.

However, on the next day, we do have our own new year feast! We went to Pavillion and had a superb lunch at Tony Roma's!

Since the portions there are always big, so we ordered 1 appetizers and 2 main course and shared it. Lol, well, sharing is caring :)

We had bountiful ribs (nyum!), marinated chickens, onion rings, potato skin with melted cheese, asian salad with grilled chicken and lots of french fries!!

And because I am motivating someone right now, I drank plain water too :)

Here are some of the pictures (I forgot to take pictures of the food, dah hbs makan br igt..apeedaaa)

Christmas decorations are still there at the lobby

Mum and Ika at Tony Roma's

Dan and me. 


This year I am going to be 20 years old! And I can't wait for all the new adventures coming!

P.S. Someone had an awesome party last night..cis..Lol