Friday, February 20, 2009

Ponggal Nite 2009

GUESS.... WHAT...?!! WE'RE.... IN....

Taking pics with Bollywood superstars IS A MUST!

The food was FA-BU-LOUS.

All the performances were...


We really had fun.....

in our very own Little India Town at Dewan BBST, Malaysia. :)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Girls' *Plus One Guy* Day Out With All 6

And that guy is Daniel Chong. Though, he was only with us during ice-skating.

Actually, it was supposed to be a class trip but then don't know why, from 24 pupils, became 16 and finally downgraded to 13 pupils only. And out of 3 guys in my class, only one made it through. Lol.

However, despite the fact that there was only a small number of us, the trip was a blast!!

We went to Sunway Pyramid for ice-skating for the first time!!! It was really fun and enjoyable even though we fell down most of the time with people accidentally banged into us (yea, someone did that to me =.=) or us, banged into them and ended up, soaking wet from head to toe (that was Jixs, she had to change her outfit and as for Nad, only her bum..hoho), of course not to forget, all those muscle pain we all had to endure on the next day.

It was indeed, an unforgettable experience.

After skating like a baby learning how to walk, we went for a movie, Bride Wars, featuring Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson. It was entertaining for us, despite of its bad rating on the newspaper. Some of us even ended up sobbing (probably because of muscle pain too).

Then, of course, one of the girls' best friends; SHOPPING. Some did window shopping though the majority went for shopping sprees. And not to forget, someone even managed to go for a fish spa as well. Lol

Later at night, Miss Shira came with her friend and other 3 girls from All6. We had dinner at Pizza Hut with Miss Shira brought along strawberry cake for us.

And since Iwan (the van guy) was only going to fetch us at 10.30 pm, we still had one hour left, so we did a late night shopping at Parkson and Baydah was so happy to get a nice pink tunic at a price of Rm35+ (Original price = Rm119.90) and Jixs too, as she bought herself 2 pairs of jeans at a price below than rm100 and all these were only for that night because the price would be slightly higher on the next day! Oh, wait, Pajen, Hasmaiza and BB also did not miss the golden opportunity.

Last but not least, we reached KTT at 12 a.m, walking like scarecrows due to muscle pains and extreme exhaustion.

Had lunch at McD.
The ice-skating area.
Me On Ice.
With Nad and Pajen.
After watching the movie, Auw and K-own joined us.

Dinner at Pizza Hut.
The cake. Nad decided to go for relaxation at the fish spa after more than 8 times falling on the ice.

With Ronnie,

I Do Like Singing


Let's start with the fact that I joined a nasyid competition *whoa!* and we won the second place! *double whoa!*.

I know it is hard for some of my friends to swallow that *especially Syazana and Farhana* because they know what kind of a person I am (An evil, sarcastic, dark-humoured person who sometimes like to talk about gruesome subjects though not as chronic as Yasmin :)).

And also because I don't really sing. All of my old buddies know that. When they found out that I joined choir in KTT, they were surprised and now what, nasyid??! Uhuh..

Actually, it's not that I don't like to sing, it just that I don't know what to sing or the real reason behind it is, I don't remember exactly those lyrics *pathetic*.

However, truth to be told, I actually do enjoy singing, even though, my voice is out of tune sometimes....well, most of the times =.=.

So, since nobody wanted to represent the india bound for that competition, plus, with Ustaz looking dissapointed, me and my friends, half-willingly volunteered ourselves to join it. Though, after all those last minute, pain in the neck, nerve wrecking practices, it was finally paid off when we won the second place and the audience enjoyed the performance. And really, the euphoria feeling of winning is AWESOME! All those worries and regrets were completely washed away!

That actually, has taught me a lesson on how we should give a shot on something (of course, on something good though) even though, we initially are not really into it.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Good Bargains!

I always like to go to the bazaar at The Curve because there's a lot of unique, good stuff that you can find over there.

Plus, most of the things, from garments to accesories, all come at a good price and you can even bargain to get a futher markdown!

So, today I went there to get a pressie for Hanisah's birthday and while searching for the perfect gift, I took the opportunity to find some interesting stuff for myself as well :)

Here are the things that I bought;

1. Check Bag (Original Price: Rm39.90, After bargain:Rm35)

I'm so into checks right now because of its laid-back, casual style. It looks very effortless and rugged. I even bought a classic check shirt a couple weeks ago.

Though, what I like most about this bag is, its vintage-preppy style. Definitely one of a kind.


My sis, modelling the bag. It can also be a messenger bag.

2. Silver Plated Pendant (Price: Rm20)

This pendant came all the way from Spain yet the price is sooooooooo cheap!! Usually, this kind of pendant will at least cost you around Rm30+. I like the craving on the surface, it looks vintage but at the same time, it has the rock glam element.

3. Keychains (Price: guess how much I bought those :) )

The price is beyond reasonable *clue*. I like it because it looks funky and if you are creative enough, you can actually turn it into a pendant as well.

My sister's

My mum's

My mum's friend's