Monday, April 28, 2008

Funny SMS

Message from : Farhana

Yang mana satukah anda?
1. Orang yang tidak jujur : Orang yang kalau kentut, salahkan orang lain.
2. Orang yang bangang : Orang yang menahan kentutnye sampai berjam-jam.
3. Orang yang berwawasan luas: Orang yang tahu bila hendak kentut.
4. Orang yang misteri : Orang yang kentut, tidak dikesan oleh orang lain.
5. Orang yang stratergik : Orang yang kentut dengan ketawa terbahak-bahak supaya orang x dgr.
6. Orang yang sengsara: Orang yang hendak kentut tapi x boleh kentut.
7. Orang yang jujur: Orang yang mengaku habis kentut.
8. Orang yang sombong : Orang yang sentiasa cium bau kentutnye sendiri.
9. Orang yang malang : Orang yang hendak kentut tp terkeluar tahi..........

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Top 5 Most Exciting Videos

Since I have nothing to do as well as a response to Syazana's comment on my previous entry, I came up with this idea and spent an hour to pick videos on YouTube. Hopefully, Syazana won't be the only reader here. Haha.

5. Diet coke + mentos

I never thought adding mentos into diet coke could give this explosive result. Entertaining, it is.

4. Mathematicious

This guy definitely has no life. He serves his whole life to mathematics. Talking about being a slave to maths is daunting. Somehow I wonder why prodigies or geniuses always look geeky? Why can't they have good brains with good fashion sense as well? Well, I think God is being fair to all of us.

3. Where the hell is Matt?

This video, to me is amazing (Especially the part where he danced on a big rock stuck between two mountains in Norway). This fellow did chicken dance in every part of the world he travelled, though, it's a bit disappointing when Malaysia was not on his Chicken Dance list.

Matthew Harding, if you happen to read this, I challenge you to do chicken dance on the bridge between KLCC towers.

2. Chinese Backstreet boys

If you don't want to watch any of these videos, please, I beg you, at least, give this video a try. It's about Backstreet boys wannabes, miming a BSB's song. Muke tak boleh bla. HAHAHAHA.

1.Gila Mat

This video is HILLARIOUS. Syazana gave me the link. I laughed out loud, nearly shed some tears. A good therapy for stress, that's why it's number 1. Karaoke anyone? GILA MAAAAT!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

The mindset of our 'people'

It's funny to see some of our people never happy with their own people's achievements. And how interesting it is to see how our people question their own people's winning and willing to argue about it because some of 'our people' don't get the same glory or victory as 'their own people'? And these people are really happy when their own successful people come to their downfalls.

'Jealousy' and 'Insecurity' are the perfect reasons why our people have this kind of mindset.

And how harmful it is to us and our people.

This scenario happens everywhere in our society. Be it in politics, schools or just among family members. It just happens.

This is something we shouldn't ignore. Day by day, it's getting worse. It's like an epidemic to all of us, infecting us deep into our souls. Therefore, it makes us lose our own reasonable judgements and in the end, it eats us alive which reminding me of a song titled, "Killing Me Softly".

I'm not being negative but this is what I see these days and it's infecting me too somehow. How I grew tired of it.

Why can't we just be happy with our people's achievements?

What I see in Malay debate today is disappointing.

They keep on arguing who's the best, who's the worst, who should win and their priority is to get all the fame and glory in magazines or newspapers rather than fullfilling the real objectives of debate.

Debate, i take it as something sacred. We debate in order to improve the way we think and to be expressive without any use of violence. Debate is a form of learning process. When a team lose in a debate, they should reflect themselves on their performance, on their mistakes that they have done and not accuse the winning team or the game for being unfair. We should make friends with other debaters, not hate them for making you lose in the game. And those who are already famous for their powerful debate skills, never forget those who are below you. Treat them as equal because you were once, like them too.

Though, not many people think the same way. Boarding school debaters like to set themselves away from Daily school debaters because they think, Daily school debaters are not of the same standard. A proverb ,"Pipit sama pipit, Enggang sama Enggang" is so strong in their blood. It's like Malfoy said to Hermione how mudbloods should not mix with purebloods. And when Daily school debaters start to show that they're just as good as others and able to beat some established boarding school debaters, people question it on how they shouldn't win and create speculations about it.

How sad is that. I believe, there's no ending to it.

Thursday, April 24, 2008



$yazana **** and Suraya ******

Having come to a mutual agreement, both parties agreed to wager a McDonald's meal on the length of time X and Y would remain an item. Any type of currency as payment in lieu of food would be deemed invalid.

$yazana: One and a half year (1 1/2 years)
Suraya: One year (1 year)

Starting this moment.
27th April 2008.

Should the relationship between X and Y be terminated in less than 4 months, both contesting parties would be receiving mutual losses.

p.s both parties must lend their signature by signing at 'comments'.

*Copied from Syazana's blog;


Who is Suraya?

"Suraya suraya suraya. that cereal idea thing was my idea! never mind. suraya is a nice person, she's pretty cool and all.sue likes dark rock music. she had just discovered that reading harry potter is fun.tsktsk.she sits behind me in class. we like to gossip all the time, especially in home ecs.she makes a great place to offload problems" - Syazana, Suraya's bff :)

"Daughther of the school diciplinary teacher.... Scary..."- Nicholas "VectorX2" a.k.a "Spyware"

"Suraya seorang pelajar lepasan spm. huhu~" - Alif, a third year civil law student of IIUM.

"Nenek nenek si bongkok tiga... hahaha. wahai nenek kebayan....." - Syawal, a Maherian Debater and Suraya's chat buddy.

"Eh hye!!! ini debater hebat (Personal comment: ahahahahaha) dr melawati ke?" - Suffix, an engineering student of UTP and also MRSM Pasir Salak debate coach.

"Waaa.................pandai u lukis...kagom gler... ;)" - Kongkriekman, real name unknown but he works at Starbucks as a barista.

"Lukis bleh, baking bleh.. pandai pon jugak..hiss...jeles.. " - Usmay, Suraya's myspace buddy

"Hmmmmnk ckp ape ah pasal this girl...?ok she's a girl.. DUHH!!name suraya binti sajoli ade potential jd artist or model...lefty girl adventerous kot ( mcm kt sg pusu kn sue)giler competative ke competitor giler ???? hmmmmmmmmboth lh hehehedh lhbye"- Azri
McVain, a friend, a classmate and a blogmate.

"An old and cranky lady......(Personal comment:Yet he told his friends that this old and cranky lady was his girlfriend)"- Luq, Aisyah's lil brother

"Kak su kak su kak gurl argh?debator...super fwend...all da best to you...take care!!!!" - Phraveen, a Melawatian debater.

"Ur syazana's fwen rite??"- X, Syazana's friend (Please refer to entry 'Bet Agreement')

".....kdg2 otak dia pun x btul mcm aku n the rest of my frenzhahaok arrtill then!ha!satu lgi..dia suka ajak org gi study..."- Sarah Hani, a friend who is a fan of sentimental songs (jgn marah nye ;p)

"well, she knows alot of secrets...." - Joseph, Suraya's wacky friend

"Sue is a foregin freind but very nice.. ..She is so different from any american ..." (Personal comment: duhhh, because i'm not american!) - Cody, Suraya's chat buddy. Currently, lost in contact.

"Hoho.umo bpew huh??nampk cm tua jeh~" - Mior, identity unknown.

"Asal aliah je dpt?? haha..seriously suraya...ur cupcakes are making me drool..haha!!! yummmy!!! i want some! huhuuu" - Fatin Liyana, a cupcake fan and also Suraya's first client.

*These quotes were taken from friendster and myspace.