Thursday, October 15, 2009

Glad To Be Home

First of all, I want to say soorrrryyyy to Shawn Paul because I informed him late about few classes and again, forgot to inform him about today's Phys class. A thousand apologies from me ya!!

By the way, as the title mentioned above, I'm happy to be home!! I missed my thick mattress, my small, homey blue room, my white study table, my study lamp, my plushy study nice to study at home.....

Not to forget, my red-hooded lil bear as well. Haha. Syok sendiri and gedik, macam tak selalu je balik rumah. Aiseh.

I didn't go home last weekend and surprisingly it ended up well. Only half an hour without electricity. Because usually whenever I tried to stay over the weekend, something bad would normally happen such as....the netball scar, no electricity, no water, tripped down the staircase and blablabla. As though I've been cursed by KTT. Lynthia said it was just a coincidence. Really? I kind of doubt that.

Anyway, thanks to Farah Alu8 for inviting me to your open house last Friday, the food was marvelous and to Auw as well, thanks for the excellent Nasi Briyani Johor! :)

OK, now the war is about to begin. I must be both physically and mentally strong. Till then, I'm not going to blog. Hence, this is my last post until November. I'm excited to finish my course. Wish me luck and pray for me ya! I really need that.

And on the other hand, I'm happy because finally after almost a month, I managed to see him again. But of course, through webcam la. I really love these people who invented World Wide Web and all those technology gadgets! Thank you, arigato!

And thanks to you too Lynthia!! For letting me used your laptop! ^^

That's him :). With Lynthia's background wallpaper as 'tiang lampu'.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Bored.Tired.Can't Wait.

I'm bored and tired because everyday I study yet still, there's a lot more to cover +.+

Can't get over and done with it!!




Feel like smacking someone, something or anything.

Friday, October 2, 2009


A2 is just around the corner, so, like what Mr Razib has always said

"It's not gear 4 anymore but must go beyond that!"


I'm scared.terrified.numb.

Hence, I broke my vow by coming home this weekend :)

I catched up with NurKasih.

It's my favourite Malay series, initially because of its excellent cinematography. Fabulous.

But then, as I proceed watching the show, I find the whole storyline is beautifully written and acted.

It basically started with a story of a family in which the father is a pious man and has 2 sons. The first son is like the father, religious, wise and everything good though the second one is rebellious, wild and...well,everything bad lah.

So the father was worried that the second son would be drifted away with life and he would forget about the afterlife. Hence he set up a marriage between the second son and the daughter from another pious family.

The problem is the first son likes the daughter.taaadaaa...a conflict there. And the second son has already tied the knot with someone else in Australia without the parents knowing it! Another taadaa...

So the whole drama begins from the moment the second son tied the knot with the daughter while the first son had to endure the pain, losing the one whom he loves to his own brother.

And somehow after dramas,conflicts and blablabla, the second son now is a different person now.
Well, I'm so lazy to write it here so if you're interested or got nothing to do, you can watch it on
Give it a try. It's awesome! Hoho.

Haihhh..really looking forward to after A2.

Hopefully I can nail it. Amin.