Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sending Manipalians and MCOD-ians off

A picture speaks a thousand words. So here are 9 pictures...which are equivalent to 9 thousand words. So, enjoy it! Lol.

A very hyper girl! I'll miss her :/

Next, among the 4 of us, is going to be me pulak. :s

Monday, July 19, 2010

Chilling Out

I had a great time last weekend with my family. Ate all those delicious food before leaving my beloved country. Can't believe I only have two weeks left!

Still haven't packed anything yet but bought almost all the stuff needed. This Wednesday is the day in which both of my best friends are flying off to India ; Lynthia Wong and Zubaydah Abdul Aziz. 

They will be studying at MCODS and Manipal respectively. Though, I am not that worried because these two are not that far from my place in India later :). 

Anyway, here are some pictures during last weekend! I tried out Victoria Station for the first time (And it was awesome. Seriously!) and went to Cameron Highland after ages haven't been there.

I had Sizzling Steak. Wayy better than those at Tony Roma's, Chili's and TGI's.

Aba had black pepper steak.

Mama had Lobster and steak, with sparkling grapejuice :)

These two copycats also had the same thing like mine.

And on the next we had tea at Bharat's Teashop, Cameron Highland! The place was very nice and cold!
The view of the tea farm from the cafe was very beautiful. I had Nasi Lemak, Tuna Sandwich and some scones along with one of the best Teh Tarik I've ever had!

I tried Masala tea also. It has India spices in it. The taste was quite interesting. Interesting in a pleasant way though. You guys should try it when in India!

Sedap betul makan.

Had strawberries at the Strawberry Farm :)

Aba & Mama :)

Well, that's all for the last weekend. I really had a great time! :)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Life Lesson

Having a conflict with your significant other is ugly.

But once you both have dealt with it and realized how stupid the conflict was,

You just can't forget how much you both love each other. And love each other more, now.

So it is true that couple fight somehow, is good. But for me to get through it again? Sorry, no thank you.

I am happy and grateful with the way things are. :)

Friday, July 9, 2010


I went out today :)

Thanks to Joanna Han Yen Ting for picking me up from my house! :D I am nothing without you..*hahaha*

Anyhow, Yasmin and Hanisah came to Melawati today, so, me and Joanna sort of like tourist guides, showed them how Melawati looks like and went to Joanna's place for awhile, playing Uno stacko. 

But before that, we had lunch at Austin Chase, Wangsa Walk. I had bologneise. And it was not as good as I expected it to be *judging through the taste and the price*. I felt like being ripped-off. A bit lah.

But it's okay. The place was quite nice and comfy and got boardgames, so while waiting for food, we played taboo! I didn't know it was such an enjoyable game! I wish Lynthia was there, with us, she would rock the place upside down with her screams and laughters. Haha.

And then, we watched Knight and Day. Despite the fact that I don't like Tom Cruise because he is irritating, annoying, over-confident and short (sorry Tom, no offence..), the movie turned out to be so funny! I couldn't believe that I actually laughed....really loud...during the movie. I didn't know Tom Cruise could be that hilarious. Haha! Paid Rm9 for that movie was totally worth it! *macam lah mahal sangat pon*

After the movie, me and Jo sent Yasmin and Hanisah to LRT. Thanks again Joanna for sending me home even though you're still blur in recognizing my house, even after a dozen of times you  passed my house already. Like just now, when she stopped her car, she said,

"Eh Suraya, I didn't know your myvi is black. I thought it's white"

"Joanna, that's not my house, that's my neighbour's house" 

"OHHHHHH~~~! HAHAHAHA! I thought it's your house!! They all look alike!!" 

C'mon Joanna, seriously? =.="

However, this very special character of yours, is the one that will make me miss you when I'm in India. :P

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

India, Please treat me well

1st August 2010, i'll be leaving Malaysia and will start a new stage of life in the land of spices and elephants and some say pigs.


By the way, my flight is at 10.10 pm. Feel free to come send me off! *Though this is compulsory for Joanna and Yasmin*