Saturday, June 20, 2009

To Future Ktt-ians and India bound students

I've read few future ktt-ians' blogs and some of them got India.

And from what I've read, most of them are not satisfied with the results. Yea, going to india, 3rd world country, hot, unhygienic and blablabla.

Well, I have to admit that I used to be in that situation too when I first got my JPA letter but let's just cut the crap man. If you think you can't handle it, just leave it and don't ever think of taking the offer because it's gonna give you hell (Try All American Rejects, Give You Hell)

Because I believe that once you put your mind into negative thoughts and never had the intention to look on a bright side about it, then, it's gonna eat you inside. Why do you want to accept it if you don't like it? You're gonna waste your time and energy. So, you might as well reject it and go take whichever course that your heart desires.

Let me tell you guys something. If Marco Polo didn't take the risk to cross the ocean, just because people in that time believed that he'd get drowned in the ocean, he wouldn't have known that the earth is sphere and there're asian continents.

India, judging by its name, it doesn't sound that appealing right? Just like people in the Europe, whenever we say Malaysia, they still think we live on trees! So, it's the same thing.

India has a lot to offer. It is a beautiful country. For those shopaholics, don't worry, your bestfriends, MNG, Levi's and etc etc will be there waiting for you (Yes. They have MNG in Bangalore).

In terms of education, do you have any idea that by your 2nd year, you will already start
doing your practical?? It's a bonus you know that? Because in UK/Ireland, you will only start your practical in your final year and plus India gives a lot of exposure to different kinds of diseases too :)

I understand that it is your right to feel that way since a lot of us, Malaysians are not well-exposed about it and we tend to be sceptical when we don't really know about something and therefore, the negative perceptions. You know why? Because we feel insecure. We're afraid of the unknown. We're afraid to be out of our comfort zone and that's why we whine, we complain, we simply pass judgements and so on.

So my advise here would be, try to look on the bright side. Consider yourself lucky. I know, cliche, be grateful of what you have blablabla. But I would say, be adventurous, be a risk taker. If that place sucks, then make it fun. Paint the town red man. Because if you're a boring, whiny, liveless person, even if you got UK pun, you won't feel the joy either. This is reality man. You have to learn from the hard way to succeed. If you can't handle this, how are you supposed to handle your life in future? There's never an easy way out.

I hope this is helpful enough for you guys.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

It's Not Easy To Buy Presents For Guys

I've never thought that it would be very hard to buy presents for guys :s

Because usually I'd share the present with other friends and let them choose it. Me, on the other hand, just hand over the money.

So now, here comes the problem. This time around, I have to choose it myself and I have no idea what to buy *sobsob*.

I think, buying presents for girls are a lot easier because girls are easier to please. They like cute stuff, so just buy them teddy bears. If you want to score higher, get a human-sized teddy bear and she'll be happy and contented for at least the whole year (heheh).

See, world has made it easy for guys. You can never go wrong with a box of praline chocolates and a bouquet of flowers. You give that, she will love you even more (the effect is temporary though, for a more lasting effect, shower her with more gifts because it's like booster injections. The first time you get it, the effect won't last long due to few memory cells and B-lymphocytes but on the second injection, the body will produce more memory cells, thus, creating a lifetime imunity, unless of course if there are variant antigens (meaning: other guys) intrude, then you're doomed -Ok, enough with the bio crap).

Even for bffs too, girls understand girls. So they definitely know what to buy for their girl-friends.

But to buy a present for a guy is a difficult task and that's why guys hardly buy presents for their guy-friends either (Kalau western, they'll hit a pub or a strip club and get drunk. If in Malaysia, they hit mamak stalls, drink teh tarik and do a competition "who can eat the most roti canai" or simply by just kenakan the bday buddy).

Thus, with the super-advanced today's technology, I googled on "perfect gifts for guys" (I can't believe I wrote that) and to be truthful, it wasn't helping any better. C'mon, a Rolex???? I think even if I worked as a dish-washer at mamak KTT for 10 years pun belum tentu can pay the money and besides, why would I wanna give it as a present? I might as well buy it for myself right??

Of course, there are other affordable things that I can buy such as t-shirts, ties, engraved pen and blablabla but that's b-o-r-i-n-g. And I don't like to give cute little things like teddy bears either because call me conservative but I think cute things are meant for girls?? (Unless, of course if your guy-friends really like it and make a collection of it, then, that's ok).

So here I am, looking for something unique, definitely not cute (or it can be cute, but in a repulsive way) and of course, AFFORDABLE (since JPA money is not in yet :( ). me :s

Boyfriend Jeans : I Want It!

Not exactly jeans owned by your boyfriend (Unless of course, if you both are of the same size but c'mon, it's kinda gross).

What I'm talking about is the latest trend especially those who are big fans of jeans (who aren't?)
It's called boyfriend jeans due to its masculine cut but some are modified to fit our curves. This jeans are quite loose and it gives the laidback image.

It's great for a casual day out. Pair it up with a rock&roll t-shirt, a seasoned leather belt and a pair of shades, off you go, srutting your way with confidence. Lol.

Aim for this month : Hunt for a perfect bf jeans.

Monday, June 15, 2009

I Have No Idea When Am I Gonna See Her Again

Ahhhhh....that's my other bestie (the other one is Syazana:) ).

Far is the only person that I know who has no connection to the world wide web. She doesn't have fb, ms or fs. The only way to communicate with her is through cell phone as she doesn't have house phone either :s.

We were supposed to meet up this week but time was the enemy. It's either me or she who is busy. I have LOTS (I can pile it up into volumes i'd say) of things to tell her. But I guess, the only time I can see her again is probably after A2??

Urgh, that's sad.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ktt Likes To Give Holidays When School Holidays Are Over

I know this is sooooooo yesterday but I have to say it;


After 4 weeks of suffering mental breakdown, horrendous eyebags and dark circles, finally I'm free!!

Only for awhile though because there's something much bigger and horrible coming ;s