Saturday, November 20, 2010

OK, here we go!

Alright, alright, finally, i found the inspiration and spirit to blog. Haha.

Things have been awesome after the first sessional exam. I've been doing a lot of shopping lately for my family (Yes, i'm coming home in less than a month! yeehaa!)

Though, the bad part is, I'm really really excited to go home to the point that I've become reckless and lazy about my studies here. So, please wake up Suraya! Make sure all of your previous effort, all those stay-ups, zombie eyes, acned face worth it. Don't just let it go down the drain!!

Thanks to Joanna, who called me while I was in the auto yesterday, stuck in the, as always, crazy, hectic traffic of India. She reminded me that I still have 1 more month before I can go home so I better get over that post-exam jolliness. Lol.

Anyway, I better start being serious again about my studies, Dr.Harsha wants to ask anatomy viva tomorrow. Huhu..

However, I do like Dr.Harsha or normally I just call him sir. He makes me think out of the box, like dare to go beyond. His method of teaching is based on 'why' questions. Which is exactly caught my interest. Especially when it comes to anatomy, a lot of things that you must memorize. But I'm the kind of person who cannot simply memorize by not knowing what is it exactly and why it is named in such a way. So, Dr.Harsha could really answer my wonders, doubts and curiosity without any hesitation. I really salute him. A very young doctor yet very passionate of what he does and plus, never get tired of explaining the same thing again and again till you understand.

He's indeed, an excellent teacher.


Nway, I wanted to post some pics and write about my eid adha (in which I got to eat beef after three months!) yet I have to go for usrah now! till then, ciao!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Exam Stress

I know I haven't updated my blog since.......AGES AGO!

Well, life as a student in India is really hectic to the point that I somehow, am having an internal identity crisis (whether I'm still human or a robot) and also, being homesick, especially during this exam period.

Next week, I'll be having 4 practicals in a row. Last week was a horrible week of theory papers (Am glad, done and over with it!).

And on Thursday, weehooo! freedom! Though still haven't decided to reward myself a body massage or a retail therapy....huehehuhe.

I'll update more stories later, soon as I've finished my sessional exam. Please pray for me so that I could at least pass all the papers :s

And by the way, Syazwan is still stranded in Solo, Indonesia due to Gunung Merapi eruption in Yogyakarta. He's waiting for the third flight from TUDM to come for the rescue. I hope he will reach Malaysia safe and sound tonight. I know he's been through a lot today and I hope, with that, will make him a stronger person. Amin.. :)