Saturday, September 26, 2009

When I'm broke

The best solution is by locking myself in my apartment in KTT.

Avoid staying at home.

PS No malls for the next two months. So, please don't tempt me.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Raya Photos!

This year, unlike some of my friends, I'm still having my raya in my beloved country,Malaysia.Lol.

So here are some of the raya pics, enjoy!

Paddy fields in Sekinchan. Beautiful isn't it?

That's definitely not my kampung. It's my late abahwan's (grandpa) sister's house.


With siblings and super young uncles.

Family photo (Using Ika's low quality camera phone =.=')

At the porch

With sis

My cute niece, Medey (Mardhihah)

Me, Kak Aju and sis, Ika on the first day of raya.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

This Coming Raya

Finally, holidays are coming (this Wednesday). Even though it is less than 2 weeks but it's enough for me. I really really need a break. This A2 thing is seriously driving me up the wall +.+

And to make things much much better, he's coming home this Sunday!!Am looking forward to meeting him after more than a month not seeing each other.

As for this year's raya, me and sis are going to bake vanilla cakes and chocolate chips cookies while mum will be cooking her usual fabulous rendang and sambal ayam kacang!!

However there's someone missing this year.


Hope he will rest in peace. May Allah bless him always.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Kasut Raya!

I know macam budak kecik je nak kasut raya but I don't care, raya is raya, I like to preserve my childhood raya tradition where I'll get my baju raya plus kasut raya from my parents.hohohoho.

So today I went to Pavi with mum and Ika in search for the perfect shoes. Initially I wanted to buy a pair of crocs but then, tak jadi because these stilettos from Charles&Keith have made me fallen head over heels, so, bye-bye to Crocs and hi to you fabulous stilettos!

But I can only wear it on the first day of raya because that's the rule right..if not, not worth preserving the childhood raya tradition la.

So here they are;

If Chef Wan saw this, he would say, "Haaaa Cik Timah, siap ade batu-batu lagi ni hah~"

I don't know whether it's snakes skin or alligators skin. Call me an animal killer, I don't care, they look good on me.