Saturday, March 21, 2009

Me, Ktt and Exam

Erm, a satan with a pair of red bull's horns? Does that say something?? Lol

Yea, and no more fishing around in the sea or retail therapy in between. How pathetic.

Apparently, that is how my life gonna be in the next 7 months. Studying 24/7 is like selling your soul to the devil or like encountering a dementor, sucking all the happiness and joy, leaving you mentally exhausted, panda eyes, tonnes of evil pimples and worse, god forbid, weight gain *Sweatt!*

Well, then, what can I say, I've already sold my soul to the devil. So, I better shut up and do some action.

Now, let's just hope and pray that I won't fool around, crack some gruesome jokes to my housemates while studying or lock them out in the balcony or scare them with dead bugs, etc etc. I must be serious this time.

Jo, Lyn and Yasmin, I'll leave y'all in peace this time. Y'all gonna miss me.

Oh, that leaves me, being an emo and cranky person. So not cool.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


The straits of Malacca.

Yea, yea, we look alike...

I've never seen my dad looking that happy. Lol.
Bazaar at the Jonker Street. A lot of nice stuff.

At Hotel Puri. Located in Jonker Street. The place is surprisingly nice and cheap.
Had cendol at Cendol Jam Besar.
Stick insect and meatball.

Another view of the Jonker Street Bazaar.
I bought a t-shirt, a boho top and a skirt. I. CAN'T. BELIEVE. IT.
That's it!
No more shopping after this.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Photos OF The Day

Balik Kg to pay MakWan and AbahWan a visit.

My nieces were there, Mirah and Fazira. Gosh, they really have grown up!! And they are adorable!!!

But then, as I always have it on my mind, never be fooled by their cuteness, man, they are super naughty!

So as usual, I had to do "the stare" whenever they started to piss me off. It is the sharp, precise, evil stare, involving eyes need to be bulging (and flaring nostrils), penetrating deep into their souls, sending shivers to the whole parts of the body, shattering their joy into pieces (Fuh!).

Anyway, here are the photos that I think, are quite nice. Enjoy!

Full Moon at AbahWan's place.

Fazira. I always tend to forget her name.

The two sisters.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bagan Lalang, Sepang Gold Coast

The strong wind of the sea hit our face (and tudung =.=), bringing along with it, the salty air.

We tried to adapt ourselves to the harsh wind by holding to the umbrella of a banana fritter stall.

No matter how hard it's gonna be, those crispy, sweet banana fritters and keledek goreng, we must buy!

Husssshh....husssshhhh...gusssshh (Whatever the sound of a strong wind would be),

While we were walking, enjoying our kuih, mesmerised by the beautiful scenery of the beach,

"OH SHOOT!! Where the hell is-" I looked around nervously, searching for something.

"What? What happened?!" Jixs looked worried and I wasn't sure about Pajen as she's always the one among us who hardly express any emotion.

I ransacked my kuih bag, looked around me, panic starting to take control over me.

"Are you looking for your purse?? You lost your purse??!!!" Jixs' eyes wandering around, as though scanning every area of that place, hoping to see my purse.

"Wwhe...where-" My eyes were still fixed at the contents inside the plastic bag.


"They must have been flown away! Arghh"

"Erm, Suraya?" The panic in Jixs' eyes faded away, suddenly she looked amused.

Pajen, for the first time, proving to us that SHE'S NOT STONY because she laughed. OUT. LOUD.

"Suraya! Of course la they're gone because you ate them!!!" Jixs and Pajen kept laughing, the wind brushed against them, sweeping away their laughter.


As it turned out to be, I was completely oblivious to myself eating banana fritters that I forgot I actually finished it. *Sweat* =.= =.=

Well, actually on the last Saturday, me, Jixs, Pajen, Nad, Baydah and San went to Bagan Lalang, Sepang Gold Coast to wind down a bit.

And guess what?? We actually brought some books to study over there but hah! Who are we to fool ourselves, eh?

The place was great except that,

TIP 1: Don't go there around 3-5 p.m for a date, you will look miserable as the wind is extremely strong and the small particles of the sand will fly aound (Here will come the part, 'Oh my love-*uweeek*' 'ouch! my eyes!' 'honey, are you having eye disease? Cuz you've been blinking a lot'
'Oh no! my tudung! It flew away!')

TIP2: Don't try to imitate from the movie, The Kite Runner because 1) Your kite will eventually get stuck on a tree 2) There goes your money on the kite 3) The seller will resell your kite-which-got-stuck-on-the-tree.

TIP3: For those who are not used to the Jumping pose (You jump. Pic taken. Your pic look as though you're floating in the air), don't try it. You will end up looking like having kwashiokor. But of course, you can take pics of your friends jumping, for the future use (i.e. blackmailing). Herher.

Inilah cara katak berjalan sambil melompat.

Lawa kaki hang San, Hohahohahoha!

Well, that's all. We returned to Ktt at 10 p.m. Tired. Full. Exhausted. Happy.