Sunday, November 30, 2008

It's Been Just 2 Days...

But I've already splurged.

Maybe what Eric and Prashanth told me in the KTM few days ago are true afterall.

According to them, whoever is my future husband, he will be living in bad luck since he has a shopaholic wife to take care of.

Yea, rightttttttt...

Well, just to look on the bright side, maybe they simply said that because they are just not qualified to become my future husband since I said my future husband must be rich. LoL.

By the way, yesterday I went to Pavillion with mum, sis and bro with an intention to just look around but somehow I ended up with a leather belt and almost bought a top form MNG while mum accidentally bought a t-shirt from Forever 21.

As for today, I went to Ampang Point and again I bought something but this time, I take it as a good purchase because I bought a novel, Remember me? by Sophie Kinsella. I wanted to buy Sepulchre by Kate Mosse but I wasn't sure whether the author is good, maybe I should ask Muhaimin later about her since he seems like an expert about this kind of books.

* * *

Anyway, a friend of mine told me that I'm dangerous.

Dangerous???? What on earth??

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Her fondness in Coca-cola

That, is Aunty Lily's kitchen. Fascinating.

* * *

Anyway, final sem is over.

Had Girls' Day Out and Girls' Night In with housemates, JunMei, Haziqah and Felicia.

It was fantastic!

During Girls' Day Out, we went to Seremban and hit the cinema to watch Twilight.

I must say, I was indeed mesmerised, not by Edward Cullen's look but by his white, sharp, vampire teeth. Just imagine how nice it would be to possess such perfect teeth and use it to bite people that annoy you, especially your nasty, rebellious siblings. What a perfect weapon.

As for the Girls' Night In, we placed our mattresses in the living room and all of us cramped together, watching My Boss' Daughter. We thought it was a romantic comedy movie but we were so wrong. It turned out to be a super lame comedy movie like superhero and scary movie.

What a bad choice to celebrate Yasmin's Birthday.

And on the next day, we had breakfast together and helped Hanisah shifting to her new apartment before leaving KTT with an open heart for 2 weeks.

The photograph was taken by Joanna, the great photographer :)

P.S. Btw, Happy Birthday Yasmin!!!! May God bless you always ;)

Saturday, November 15, 2008


Scene: Nissan Service Centre, Customer Lounge. Accompanying my mum get her car serviced.

A guy sat next to me. I was indulging myself in Durian Durian cake.

TheGuy: Hi.

Me: Hmmm....hi?

TheGuy: Is that Sylphy car yours?

Me: Pardon?

TheGuy: You know, the Sylphy car outside, black colour. Is it yours?

Me:.......No, I believe.

TheGuy: Oh, so what car are you driving?

Me: Hurm, does he think I own a car? Well, Nissan Sentra (mum's car).

TheGuy: Oh, me too! So, what do you think about the car so far?

Me: *Blink* So good, I guess.

TheGuy: How long have you been driving it?

Me: Hurm, since 2005 I think. 2005, my foot! Hurm, sorry but I've got to go. Bye.

Though, the most crucial question is not about how old do I look, but it's about, me, having the look of a rich, career lady. (Since Nissan Sylphy is expensive, and that guy assumed it was my car..hohohohoho).

So, do I have what it takes to look like a rich, career lady?? *SS*

*SS* = Syok Sendiri

Abah oh Abah

Scene 1

Abah: I bought this very high good quality of toothpaste. You can only find this kind of toothpaste at pharmacies. For sure, after this, no more plague will be formed. Very exxxxxpensive though.

Me: What brand is it?

Abah handed me the toothpaste.

After reading it,

Me: Abah, I am so convinced that no plague at all will be formed but do you know that you actually bought toothpaste for fake teeth??

Scene 2

Abah: Now it's very important to take care of your health, especially when you guys are at abah's age. So, today, I went to the pharmacy to buy Ikan Haruan essence for both body and mind strength.

Us: Oh, cool.

Mum: Let me read the box. This essence is good for

Abah: What is it?


Abah: What??

Mum: Aiyo honey, this essence is made for pregnant women la! Not for you!

Scene 3

Me: Shoot, zits are like everywhere!!

Abah: Oh, last time when abah was young, abah used to have pimple outburst too. But then, abah used this one product which is very good to combat acne.

Me: What brand is it? I doubt they still have it in the market.

Abah: No, abah went to the pharmacy yesterday and saw the brand, so abah bought it. Very good for skin. Now my skin feels so refreshing and doubtless, clean too.

Me: Cool, can I try it?

Abah went to his room and brought it out.

Me: Abah!! Not again!!! I think you bought the wrong product......Instead of buying Lactacyd cleanser, you bought Lactacyd feminine wash!...

Abah: *gulp*

The thing about my dad is, he is just in denial that his eyesight is getting worse.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

All The Way From The Library

For the first time-

"Hey! What are you doing?? Blogging?? For the first time....hahaha,"
"Why are you here??"
"I want to kacau you,"
"Go AWAY."
"Nahhh, what are you writing about?"
"Don't forget to mention me on your blog OK?!"
(A conversation with J-O-E-L)

This is the obvious reason why I DON'T want to blog here in the library. Too many distractions.

Now, I am distracted by this foul smell coming from the person sitting next to me and Pal is having a loud monologue with himself, talking about AIDS and Hepatitis B.