Thursday, November 26, 2009

Terkorbanlah Diet


Sememangnye Nasi Minyak mama + daging masak hitam and ayam masak merah tiada tandingan!!

I planned to eat only half-plate of that but ended up with 2 plates. Haihh.

Bile nak insaf wahai suraya??

Monday, November 23, 2009


Bored. And am missing someone quite badly.

Anyway, the Prom Night was awesome. Took a lot of pictures with my girlfriends. Hopefully we can meet again in KI. Amin. :)

Well, I am very happy with the fact that I don't have to feel nervous sitting for exam in these few months and of course, I am glad because for once after such a long time, I don't have to force myself to study and stay up until what? 1 AM? Lol, I know 1 AM mcm apela sangat but serious, when it comes to studying, normally I can't even go beyond 12 midnight! :s

It's not that I don't want to do part-time job or anything. It just that I can't work for night shifts and normally all the jobs that I like are normally hard to get.

For example, working at a boutique. I don't know where the hell they all get this stupid policy saying that girls wearing hijab are not allowed to work there. Yeah, trust me, most boutiques in Malaysia are applying that policy including some low-end clothing stores.

I wonder, what do these boutique owners think of people wearing hijab? Not stylish enough? Afraid that we might scare foreigners? Because they think we are like terrorists or something? Or is it because since we're wearing hijab, we can't speak English fluently??

C'mon la, who do you think you are man? Sometimes it's even worse when the manager actually has the gut to ask whether you can take off your hijab. Only then, you can work there. It happened to me and the manager who asked me that was actually a Muslim herself.

Haaihh, dunia O dunia.

Anyway, that's the rant of the day. Thank You for reading. Hahahaha!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Top 5 Lists

Grotta Azzura

Well, I'm bored. So I've come up with Top 5 Lists, either, it's something that I want, I like or I want to go. And hopefully, it will come true one day :)

Let's start with the first one,

Top 5 Places I Really Really Want To Go

5. India.

Basically because I want to make the cut of point and continue my studies there in dentistry. However, I'm looking forward to the whole new adventure there :)

4. Spain

I like Spain. I like the architecture, the culture and the history especially about the Mogul empire. And of course, would like to pay a visit at ZARA too :p

3. Paris, France

Not really because it is the city of romance (that would be another place:P) but the real reason I want to go there is to visit Louvre. It's an art museum where all the masterpieces of Leornado Da Vinci, Pablo Picasso, Vincent Van Gogh, Salvador Dali, etc etc, are placed. And again, to go shopping at the Milan street!!!

2. Naples, Capri.

I used to read this one book (Not that literature form 4 book!) and the setting was set in Naples, Capri. The author described this one place over there called Grotta Azzura which means 'the blue cave'. It is because inside the cave, there's a small hole where sunlight can pass through it and due to the reflection of the sunlight on seawater, the water glows in bright blue colour (see the picture above)!!! I really have to go and see it! Other than that, it is famous for the gelato (ice-cream). I heard ice-cream men over there really know how to mix and match flavours, making it a perfect gelato on a hot summer day :) Besides, I want to go to Augustus Garden as well.

1. *drumrolls* GREECE!!!!

Greece, I've seen a lot of it on tv or in movies and it's beautiful!!!!! I watched The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants, I thought 'wow, this place is cool'. Then, I watched Mamma Mia, I was completely fascinated and mesmerized by its beauty and culture and thought this could be in my 1day list. After that, recently, I watched My Life In Ruins (the sequel of My Big Fat Greek Wedding) and that's it! I really really have to go there one day!!

And the rest will be continued...(tired ady)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Am looking for know who you are =) =D =p

Before I finished my A2, there were like a lot of things running in my mind. About stuff to write on this blog but now, I , somehow, am clueless of what to write. Hurmmm...

I need something to trigger my brain.

By the way, I've already started reading The Time Traveler's Wife. I love the book!! I find it very different and touching. Lol. I think most of y'all know already what the storyline is, about a guy who time travels to the past, present and future. However, he has a wife whom he has known since she was only 11 years old (she met him when he was 36!!). The time traveling thing is actually a disease and it can't be controlled.

So he keeps appearing and disappearing into different eras and keeps meeting his wife at different stages of age. And from that, we can see how their love has developed, turning upside down, sometimes it's sweet, sometimes it's frustrating and the longing, lonely feelings that the wife has to endure during his disappearance. Even for the guy, always has this fear that the wife might one day, can't bear it anymore and leave him.

It just feels sooooo good to finally be able to read something nice!!

I find it hard to find nice books nowadays. Usually I like to read chick-flicks as the plots are usually light but somehow, it's getting more and more cliche. The girl will usually end up with the guy of her dream..lalalala. Sometimes, I prefer something more, let's say, complicated :p

Anyway, I can't wait for the prom night!! After months of living like a sack of potatoes, finally, I managed to get myself running on a treadmill yesterday! What a great achievement! Lol. I ran and jogged for 30 minutes. Phewwhhh.

Other than that, I just keep myself busy at home most of the days ( br 2 hari jek hbs exam!) which includes cooking (I cooked Carbonara today =) ), cleaning, washing et cetera et cetera.

And one more thing about me is that, when I'm bored, I like to mix and match my clothes, try it on and strut my way to the mirror. Is that normal? I really hope that it is normal, you guys should try, it really kills your boredom :PP

Saturday, November 14, 2009

It's Gonna End Soon!

2 more days to go before a verrryyy loooonnngggggg holiday!!

I'm looking forward to it :))

Here are some of the things scheduled for this upcoming holiday!

1. Hang out with ggirls right after last paper. We planned to go to MidValley. Just simply hanging out, chatting, updating each other and of course, not to forget, indulging ourselves in delicious, mouth-drooling food as well.

2. But then, we can't really indulge ourselves as Prom Night is just around the corner!!! So have to work out some muscles, getting toned and fit so that all of us can fit our dresses perfectly (at least manage to get rid of any extra layers of fat and for the extra glow) :p

3. By the way, I've already bought the dress, 'the one' for the event. It just that i need to find a clutch and some bracelets to complete the look. And that...involves money again. Haaaihhh.

4. After Prom Night which is our graduation night, me, housemates and others are planning to have a sleepover!! We will place our mattresses out in the living area and drink hot choc with marshmallows (right yasmin?hehe)! while watching a movie. Hahaha.

5. The fifth one, well, I can't tell what's the event as it is supposed to be confidential ;p. So that one, i'll just keep in mind.

6. I think the last time I read a novel was before AS exam!! which was like months ago. So, considering that my english is getting more and more manglish day by day, I need to brush it up. Plus, I miss reading novels. First novel that I'd buy is The Time Traveller's Wife. Only then, I can watch the movie :)

7. I want to hang out with my old buddies :)

8. Haaaaaaaaaaaaa, actually this should be the first one but then never mind. CLEANING OUT THE APARTMENT!! YAY! Even though I'm very happy to leave this place but somehow I'm going to miss it.

9. Karaoke-ing with my family.

10. Vacation people!! Let's hit the road!

And the list goes on and on....


Sometimes, I can't believe that it's coming to an end already. When I think about the future, gosh, I'm going to be 20 years old next year!! I hope I will age gracefully :p and gain more wisdom throughout the ageing process. And still keep in style for sure. ;p

I hope everything will turn out well for me and the rest of my friends :)

Friday, November 6, 2009


Exam month is killing me. My housemates are killing me too. Help us. WE need serious entertainment here please.