Friday, December 26, 2008

My Sister Is Trying To Be Funny

Yet, what she did is NOT funny AT ALL.

It's actually a picture of me few months ago after I had 5 stitches on my forehead due to netball.

I found this edited picture done by my evil sister in my mum's phone. I am seriously gonna get her back. Just wait and see sis.

Anyway, speaking of my mum, many people are confused between me and mum because we look alike, we sound alike and our fashion sense is alike too (It's either my mum is young at heart or me, is old at heart) =.=.

Wherever we go, people think we're sisters and I don't mind that at all.

Whenever I go to mum's office, sometimes her staff mistake me as mum and I still don't mind much (A good chance to boss around. Hehe).


When my siblings, sometimes, call me 'ma' by mistake, that really gets on my nerve!!!

Therefore, from now on,

I'll try every possible way to make myself not to look EXACTLY like mum.
That means, I have to be slimmer than her.

mum, me, me, mum, mum, me?? Go figure yourself.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I'm an alligator, what are you?

(According to Joanna, mine is an alligator because I'm sinister??? Yasmin's is a bat due to her interest in gruesome subjects and Lynthia's is a pig....because of what eh Jo? :P)

However, it's very thoughtful of her to give us presents all the way from Malacca.

Each of us (housemates) get an animal keychain with our names written on it.

Jo said those keychains totally reminded her of us. :s
Anyway, thanks!! :)
P.S If I were to buy you that, I'd definitely pick a lizard keychain for you!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Today, I bought....

1. Next by Michael Crichton.

I'd usually go for chick-lits except for Artemis Fowl and Harry Potter as chick-lits
are light, uncomplicated, predictable and for sure, always have happy endings.

Though, today, I dared myself to take a risk and bought this sci-fic/thriller book or what shall I say, a mind-boggling, thought-provoking, intellectual book.

Basically it's a satirical, black comedy thriller, about a bunch of mad people chasing this family for their valuable genes for something to do with biotech.

However, what's caught my interest to buy this book is when I read;

"Is a loved one missing body parts? Are blondes becoming extinct? Has a human already cross-bred with a monkey?" and also about a talking ape in Borneo.

Interesting. And geeky.

2. A preppy style shirt

I always like preppy style.

It simply creates the image of you looking smart, classic, sophisticated and it totally sets out the don't-mess-with-me kind of vibe (Think Blair Waldorf).Though, it can make you look geeky and nerdy as well if you don't know how to style it.

So, I went to Labelz and saw this classic preppy shirt. I liked it so much and bought it without trying.

The consequence?

When, I tried it out at home, the sleeves, turned out to be a lil bit too tight.

So, no choice and have to sell it (Am selling it at rm33). Wanna buy?
* * *
Anyway, while on my way to Midvalley, a mercedes infront of my dad's car had a plate name 'TAH10'.
What a waste.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Wanna Be My Lab Partner, non?



Shoot, I blew it off again!

I opened my eyes to expect the worse coming from the second explosion of the chemical in the test tube.

Surprisingly, I didn't see any trace of the chemical on the table, on the floor nor at the wall.

Where did it go????


"Suraya, look!" Baydah pointed her finger to the ceiling above me.

And I saw this;

It dripped, formed bubbles, hardened and turned into dark brown just like the one next to mine (Notice: mine is the one in pale brown).

Seems like someone did that before me.

So, moral of the story;

Always expect the unpredictable from Suraya during Chem Lab.

That place is just suwei.

A Present From Lynthia

A pair of butterfly earrings! (I know, I know, the picture is blurry, well, that's the result you get when you use a cheap digital camera :( )

However, ME LIKE IT!!!!! Eventhough I can't really show it off to people but then I can always wear it, underneath my tudung. Lol.

Lynthia gave each of us (housemates) a pair of earrings. Joanna got a mosquito-like earrings and Yasmin's earrings are very nice for a prom (Or a date).

Anyway, thanks! That's very thoughtful of you :))

P.S. Who would have thought to give a hand soap as a gift? Bak kate Lynthia, "Practical!".

Friday, December 12, 2008

Jakarta, Indonesia

Jakarta, Indonesia.
That's Bajaj a.k.a Tuktuk.
The low-end area. Trust me, I went there and ate there. Came out with a major headache due to the coconut drink. I think they put air tuak. This is all my dad's brilliant idea, wanting us to feel the real life of Jakarta. He ended up with food poisoning.
Padang food at Garuda Restaurant.
Nasi Liwet which contains shredded chicken, fried bento, sambal, telur pindang and lengkuas.

Nasi Rawon; mutton soup, telur masin, keropok, sambal and beansprouts.
With family at Plaza Senayan. Nway, the one with specs is my mum, NOT ME! I'm the one with a hat.
Waiting for shops to open at Mangga Dua

These are some of the pictures that I took during my vacation in Jakarta.
Jakarta is superb!!
All the branded goods are very cheap especially now as they are having megasale for christmas (You should go for MNG, Levi's, ZARA and Polo. These brands are very cheap over there).

Even the food is good and very cheap for a 5-star-restaurant.

The people are nice and friendly, well-mannered, even better than us in a lot of ways I'd say.

The public toilets in places like Mangga Dua and Tanah Abang (equivalent to Sg.Wang, Jalan Tar and Low Yat) are very clean and high-tech.

Honestly, I like Jakarta!

I have a lot of things to say but I'm in hurry now, so, maybe I'll post it later. Enjoy those pics!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Major Landslide In Bukit Antarabangsa

Alhamdulillah, me and my family are safe from the disaster even though the affected area is just next to our residential area.

Though we were stranded on that day with no electricity and water supply as the only access road to get out was and still blocked by the landslide.

When the electricity was cut off in the early morning, we only thought that as a normal blackout and continued to sleep as usual as we didn't hear the loud explosion. But at around 5 in the morning, we kept hearing people chattering and running and also the sound of helicopters passing through the sky above our rooftop.

It was pitch black as the whole area beyond and above Taman Mewah had no electricity but my dad, as usual, was curious, so with a torchlight, he went out to check out what was happening.

After my dad found out about the incidence, my mum woke all of us up. We all went to the affected place which is just 500 meters away from Taman Bukit Jaya. We only saw it from the side view as we were not allowed to go nearer and thought only 4 bungalows involved but we were completely wrong about it as 14 bungalows were actually destroyed, including my mum's friend's house.

Lucky for my mum's friend, the whole family managed to run out for their life when they first heard the explosion.

Being stranded in our own home felt like we were in World's Apart. For the first time in many years I eventually felt how slow time was flying.

After few times trying to connect to the wireless net, finally, we managed to get online in order to get the actual news about the incidence and only then, we realised we were in a great danger and started packing our important stuff. (Before that my mum even cooked breakfast and did some house chores, that shows how clueless we were).

Later, my auntie informed us in the phone that my 8-month-pregnant -auntie who lives in the Oakland Condominium was shifted out by a helicopter. It was shown on tv and we missed it. Cis!

By 2 in the evening, people started moving out of that place by jungle trekking. My dad decided to stay in for one night at first but then he was advised to move out. So, just imagine, all of us (not to forget, my cat and hundreds of people), with heavy backpacks had to hike up a muddy, steepy hill. Thank God all of us had the experience of hiking during our Mount Kinabalu trip. Thus, it wasn't that bad.

We managed to get out by the time it started raining. Lucky us.

Anyway, we currently stay at my auntie's place and while waiting for the cleaning process to get done, we're flying to Indon tomorrow.

Thanks anyway to those who called us, texted us in order to check our safety.

And I feel sorry for those who have just lost their beloved ones. May them rest in peace.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Bladder O Bladder!

Oh no, oh no, oh no.

This is not happening again.

"AbahWan (grandpa) cannot hold it anymore,"

"AbahWan, can you just hold it for few minutes only until Abah get back?"

My brother looked worried.

I looked terrified as the vivid memory of my grandpa accidentally shat on my foot flashed through my mind.

My grandpa couldn't sit still in the wheelchair. He kept on moving around, shaking a little bit with that painful expression on his face.


"I. WANT. TO. PEE!!!"

The thing about being old is, your body system seems to act in their own way and you are no longer in control over your body. They can do whatever they want regardless where they are, including in public for example, the hospital lobby. It's like they are the boss of us.

In my grandpa's case, apparently, his bladder is the boss of him.

My brother panicked. I was even more panicked.

So eventually,

"Mum! AbahWan wants to pee, what should I do?! I don't see any nurse and I don't think he can make it to the toilet. Tell me, how???"

I called mum. When you're in trouble, you always call your mum. Mums know the best.

"OK, DON'T PANIC (typical), ask Danial to get the bidet out of his bag and give it to your grandpa, he knows what to do,"

I love my mum.

So, I turned the wheelchair, facing the organisation board of HKL and let my grandpa pee-d in peace.

Though, the ugly part is, my brother had to clean the bidet afterwards.

However, that was a good lesson for both of us. How fragile we can be when we're old.

Monday, December 1, 2008


Why I always attract weird men?

Do I have this strange aura going on that says "Hey, weirdos, look at me, I'm single, come pick me up even though I barely know you!"?

Even my mum advised Joanna to look out for me since I tend to attract weird, strange, eccentric men around me.

This is not my first time though that a guy whom I barely knew, asked me out.

I mean, how could he ask me out??

I could turn out to be someone bad like a criminal or a lunatic. Or worse, HE could turn out to be the bad guy in this situation. Wouldn't he even think of that?? (Unless of course, if it's Edward Cullen then I don't mind putting myself in danger. Lol)

I guess, this is just my luck =.=.

Anyway, I spent the whole day today watching How I Met Your Mother.

I think I like Marshall =D

Marshall, at the right end of the pic.