Saturday, January 9, 2016

Life In India

5 years ago, when I found out that I had to continue my studies in India,

I cried a river.

I was on a vacation that time and the news literally ruined the whole trip.

I admit, it was quite difficult to adapt to the environment and cultures but I have to say that there are few life lessons that I can, maybe, implement it in my life.

1. Not Judgmental

If you come to India, language is not really a problem because almost everyone can speak English. Maybe just a broken English but people from all walks of life can speak English.

People over there, they are not judgmental. Whether your English is fluent or crappy, people just couldn't care less about it as long as the message can be delivered.

Throughout my whole life in India, I never heard any of my Indian friends said "OMG, her English is bad,"

2. Proud Nation

No matter how educated they are, no matter how rich they are, no matter in what social class they are, they are very proud to be Indians.

They are very proud of their own language, they are very proud of their cultures and they are very proud of their own products.

Even though they are from high social class, they are very happy to speak in their language when they meet someone who speak the same language; be it in Hindi, Telegu, Tulu, etc.

And they prefer to listen to Bollywood songs and movies more than English songs and movies.

They use local products more than International products.

And the best part is, they also sell products like shampoo, soap, etc in very small bottles like each costs around Rs15 (70 cent) so that all people from all walks of life can have shampoo and soap to bathe.

3. Treat Guests Like Kings

I have a lot of Indian friends and when they invite you to their house, just make sure you bring a big tummy with you!

They loveeeeeeeeeeee serving their guests with lots of food.

And you just can't say no when they add more food to your plate.

They will go through a great length to make you feel welcomed at their home.

4. They Take Criticism Professionally

I could still remember my friends being scolded very badly by lecturers and I was like, wow, that could leave a big scar.

But astonishingly, my friends, they didn't take the harsh comments personally.

To them, it's just masuk telinga kanan, keluar telinga kiri.

No hard feelings bro.

After being scolded, they looked just fine and continued their life as though it never happened!

When I asked them, they were just saying, "Oh, maybe his mood is off today,"

Like wow!

They really know how to switch off their emotions.

5. They Value Friendship

In India, I'd never felt burdened to ask for help from my Indian friends.

They are very happy to help you when you have problems.

And they are very sincere about it.

When I needed two witnesses for my visa renewal, it was very easy for me to get those witnesses, my Indian friends came all the way from their home and spent their whole day with me at the office even though that was the only off day for them.

When I couldn't find any patient for my final exam, my own security guard willingly agreed to be my patient.

And they always tried their best to make me feel like home :)

So that's a lil bit about my life in India. Despite the cons over there (you can read in my older posts), there are pros that I think a lil bit hard for me to see here in my country.

With my friends :)


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