Saturday, January 9, 2016

Poooooohhhh~~ *blow dust*


This is Suraya in 2016 (I am 26 this year, just so you know :P)

I'm glad that I've found my way back to this blog because I totally forgot the password! *blow dust* *cough*

First, I spent some time reading my old posts.

It feels funny yet exciting.

It's like retrieving old memories, locked hidden, way back in my mind!

So what's new about me now?

Alhamdulillah, I am well and fyi, I'm happy to say that I'm already back for good..... and I've graduated...and....I am now a dental surgeon!! *claps*


I guess this blog has skipped like my 4 years plus of life :p

And YES! I am still with the same man; my own best friend :)

It's been 6 years plus with S and NOPE! We're not yet married.

But will be, very soon , Insya Allah. Please pray for us :)

I'm already home since last year September.

I was thrilled and excited for the new life that I was about to get into.


Of course, life doesn't always go the way we wanted.

I am still unemployed till date.

So, kids, even doctors nowadays face unemployment.

But on the bright side,

I take it as a time given for me to rest, to spend more time with family, to prepare myself in becoming a wife, to prepare my wedding...and you know, just to be better.

And as a time for me to blog about my life in India and my life right now :p