Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Third Year

Hello third year! I was absent for nearly a year++ due to the most tiring second year coursework that almost got me thinking of quitting dentistry, get married and have babies instead (but come to think of it, having babies should be even more difficult eh?). Lots of drama, tears, and injuries along the way due to extensive pre-clinical work. Yep, managed to get some scars due to lab injuries, thank you very much prosthodontics. Damn you. However, Alhamdulillah, all praise to the mighty Allah, i managed to passed my second year with first class distinction despite the fact that there was a water crisis in my area, felt like living in zimbabwe or any other remote areas. I almost ran out of patience due to the extreme stress and the local people with their super awesome tongue-twisting words and manipulating skills, almost made me wanted to strangle every each one of them and that's not included with the garlic smelled armpits which is everywhere... Yucks. And the experience of sucking leukemic patient's blood by using my own mouth via a tube connected to a pipette is very disgusting too. I had no choice but to do it if i want to pass my pathology. So, if you get the chance to study in India, just forget it. Unless of course, you're VERY ADVENTUROUS and love dramas. However, despite the ugly dramas and unforgetful unfortunate events during my studies in India, it surely helps to build my character I guess. If you can handle the people here, you surely can handle other people around the world. Lol. And..if you can survive in India, you surely can survive better in Malaysia. I'd been living in a water crisis condition in almost 1 month and no electric supply for more than 12 hours during my final exam. Come to think of it, I have no idea how I managed to get through that. Now i'm in Bangalore, on the way to My shit-hole again. Peace y'all.