Saturday, April 16, 2011

Aim For


InsyaAllah :)


By the way,

I was so stressed up lately. It wasn't just me but others surrounding me as well (one even went missing since last Thursday, only to find out yesterday =.=")

But my way of easing my mind and soul, apart from praying of course, is

And here is what I bought...

A jewelry box!

Me love it :) And it's a handmade product by an Indian artisan . I bought one for mum too :D

And after that...indulging myself in this sinful burger...


Thank You Allah for making everything a lot better for me :)  

For those who are at the most bottom part in life, there's another quote which I like and always keep in mind in order to keep me going :)

"Just Have Faith In Allah and keep on praying because there are always answers to it, either be it a 'yes', 'not yet' or  'there's something else better for you dear' " :)